Sonoco Products Dividend, Earnings, And Valuation Analysis

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The Estimated Earnings and Return Calculator Tool is a simple yet powerful resource that empowers the user to calculate and run various investing scenarios that generate precise rate of return potentialities. Thinking the investment through to its logical conclusion is an important component towards making sound and prudent commonsense investing decisions.

The consensus of 13 leading analysts reporting to Capital IQ forecast Sonoco Products Co. long-term earnings growth at 6%. Sonoco Products Co. has high long-term debt at 46% of capital. Sonoco Products Co. is currently trading at a P/E of 13.8, which is inside the value corridor (defined by the five orange lines) of a maximum P/E of 18. If the earnings materialize as forecast, Sonoco Products Co.’s True Worth valuation would be $49.16 at the end of 2017, which would be a 9.7% annual rate of return from the current price, including assumed dividends.

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