How Do I Change my Basic Monthly or Premium Monthly Subscription To the $480.00 Annual Discounted Premium Subscription?

You first must CANCEL your current monthly subscription (Basic or Premium) to FAST Graphs™ and re-sign up, like a new subscriber, for the Premium Annual.  The reason you have to cancel is because the Premium Annual is a separate contract in that it contains the two-month discount.

Steps to Cancel: 

1a) while logged in to your FAST Graphs account, go to the upper right of the graphing page and click the “My Account” button


1b) click on the link at the bottom of the email you originally received when you signed up for FAST Graphs™ which says Click Here To View/Cancel/Update your Subscription and Payments

2)  choose “My Subscription”

Follow prompts to enter your username and password

3) scroll down the page and click on the “End My Subscription Now” link.

Now open a new FAST Graphs™ web page and re-sign up for the Premium Annual

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