9 Fairly Valued Mid-Cap Consumer Discretionary Dividend Growth Stocks: Part 2B

Introduction Mid-cap stocks are often overlooked by investors and not widely covered on Wall Street or many financial websites and blogs.  However, I consider it a mistake because there are many mid-size companies that are attractive long-term investment opportunities. Moreover, in the general sense, smaller companies tend to have more room to grow than their[…]

Mid-Cap Dividend Growth Stocks by Sector: Part 2A Regional Banks

Introduction In part 1 of this series on fairly valued mid-cap investment opportunities I primarily focused on non-dividend paying growth oriented mid-caps.  In part 2 of this series I turned my focus to finding fairly valued dividend paying mid-caps.  However, as I was evaluating dividend paying mid-caps in the S&P 400 mid-cap index, it became[…]

10 Mid-Size Stocks for Large-Size Gains: Part 1

Introduction Small and mid-sized companies are often overlooked by many or even most investors.  That’s unfortunate, because there are many excellent investment opportunities that can be found in these equity classes.  However, an argument could be made that between the small and mid-cap equity classes, the best and perhaps less risky investment opportunities are found[…]