Dynamite Comes in Small Packages: 10 Small Caps for Explosive Returns

Introduction Investing in small-cap stocks is not for everyone.  My definition of small-cap is a company whose market is $5 billion or less.  However, for those brave souls that are willing to assume a little more risk, they can, under the right conditions, be a very profitable choice.  Nevertheless, and in the general sense, small[…]

MisterValuation Research Candidates Stocks of the Week

Important Message from MisterValuation

As I hope all of you are aware, we are currently in the process of testing a major upgrade on F.A.S.T. Graphs™. The primary thrust of this upgrade relates to how we load data onto F.A.S.T. Graphs™. We are moving from a manual data downloading process to what Standard & Poor’s Capital IQ calls Xpress feed.


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Which is Best-Investing For Income or Total Return: Part 2

Introduction There is a long running feud between investors who believe in investing for total return versus those who believe in investing for current income.  Both camps are fervent advocates of their respective beliefs, and there seems to be no feasible middle ground or compromise.  Unfortunately, I believe that the dogmatic positions of both groups[…]

MisterValuation Stock of the Week: Tupperware (TUP)

MisterValuation Stock of the Week: Tupperware (TUP) Introduction My MisterValuation Stock of the Week is Tupperware Brands.  Before I go on, for disclosure, I am currently long the stock and posted an article on Seeking Alpha on April 4, 2014 titled “Is Tupperware Brands the Perfect Dividend Growth Stocks for Retirement Portfolios.” At the time[…]

Dividends Don’t Drive Total Return They Contribute To It: Part 1

Dividends Don’t Drive Total Return They Contribute To It: Part 1 Introduction I believe there is a critical piece of investment wisdom that all investors in common stocks should possess.  Every common stock investor should have a clear understanding of where and how long-term common stock returns are generated or come from.  When an investor[…]