Dividend Contenders In Value for the Accumulation Phase and/or Income Distribution Phase of the Retirement Portfolio

Introduction In my previous article found here I reported on Dividend Champions that I felt were fairly valued.  In contrast to Dividend Champions that have raised their dividends every year for 25 consecutive years, Dividend Contenders have raised their dividends every year for 10 to 24 years. Therefore, I feel that the Dividend Contenders list also provides[…]

Attractively Valued Blue-Chip Dividend Champions For Your Retirement Portfolios

Introduction In a previous article found here I postulated that the S&P 500 was currently fairly valued.  In this article, I review a specific hand-selected list of Dividend Champions that I believe are reasonably priced and therefore capable of generating above-average returns at below-average risk.  In today’s low interest rate environment, I believe that high-quality blue-chip dividend[…]