How to Know What Rate of Return to Expect from your Stocks: Part 1

Introduction We believe there are two critical attributes that the prudent investor should consider before investing in a company (stock).  Furthermore, these same two attributes can be used to calculate a reasonable expectation of the future return the stock is capable of generating on their behalf. These two attributes are valuation and the rate of[…]

50 Potential Investment Opportunities to Participate in the New Golden Age: Part Three

Introduction In parts one and two of this three-part series I presented a case that focused on the long-term potential for a bright future of economic strength and growth.  Moreover, I pointed out that I felt that the best of what our economic future holds goes mostly ignored, in favor of a focus on our[…]

H.B. Fuller Co – Can you Stick with Them?

Founded in 1887, H.B. Fuller Co (FUL) is a world leader in adhesives and specialty chemicals. H.B. Fuller has generated an above-average growth rate, although results have been somewhat cyclical since 1998.  The current consensus estimate shows that leading analysts believe earnings are expected to accelerate over the next five years.   Prospective shareholders may want[…]

It’s Not Just Dinah In The Kitchen Anymore At Williams-Sonoma!

Dividend Challenger:  Williams-Sonoma Inc   Founded in 1956, Williams-Sonoma (WSM) is not just a quality kitchen store, but a specialty leading home furnishing retail store. Williams-Sonoma has historically grown earnings at a compounded rate of 12.9% since 1998, resulting in a 3.4 billion dollar market cap. Williams-Sonoma’s earnings per share have risen from $0.51 per share[…]

The US Economy Sitting on the Threshold of a New Golden Age: Part Two

In part one of this multipart series on the US economy I offered the following basic opinion: The majority of the positive aspects underpinning the US economy are being mostly ignored by mainstream media in favor of the smaller, but more titillating, negative aspects. Consequently, I believe that many Americans, and since this is an[…]

Bemis Co Inc – Attractive Value, Yield and Growth

Bemis Co Inc (BMS) has achieved a moderate record of long-term earnings growth in a semi-cyclical fashion. However, even though earnings growth had faltered slightly during our last two recessions, the company remained highly profitable.  We believe the company appears reasonably valued at its current quotation. Dividend Champion:  Bemis Co Inc.  This article looks at[…]

The US Economy Sitting On The Threshold Of A New Golden Age: Part One

Introduction: Don’t Sell the US Economy (or the World’s) Short In the past, I’ve written numerous articles positing a long-term optimistic outlook for both our economy and the attractive future growth prospects of our great American businesses. Even though I hate to forecast the market in general, I have even presented evidence indicating that the[…]

Five Tech Stocks with the Added Benefit of Dividends

Here are five technology-oriented companies that are currently trading at a price earnings ratio that implies that the stocks are attractively valued.  Each of these five companies currently offers a dividend yield that is above-average as represented by the S&P 500. The following table summarizes five technology-oriented companies that appear to be attractively valued, and[…]