The Case for Optimism: Our Top 25 Dividend Growth Stocks are Dirt Cheap

Anyone who had recently invested in real estate would most likely agree that the phrase “dirt cheap” carries a new and enhanced meaning today. In the same vein, we would argue that our top 25 dividend growth stocks based on the potential for five-year estimated annual total returns are dirt cheap.  Consequently, we believe that[…]

A Micro Case For Future Stock Market Performance Optimism

Implicit with the Thanksgiving Holiday is a spirit oriented towards counting our blessings.  Being thankful associates more closely with optimism than it does pessimism. However, the euro zone debt crisis is occurring after what has been a seemingly endless string of macro-economic headwinds driving extreme investor pessimism. The psychological impact of all these negative events[…]

Was the precipitous drop in Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ stock price a wake-up call for coffee stock investors?

Up until very recently, specialty coffee stocks were among the best performing stocks in the market since the great recession of 2008. The following performance table comparing four of the leading specialty coffee companies against the S&P 500 (the average company) illustrate just how extraordinary their performance has been. Even more amazingly, these performance results[…]

Aflac’s (AFL) Fair Value PE Ratio Should Be Double, and So Should Its Price

This is the third in a series of articles that have been designed to provide investors greater insights into the proper understanding and utilization of the PE ratio as a valuation measurement tool. With this iteration we’re going to look at Aflac (AFL) as our example for using the PE ratio to identify significant undervaluation. […]

Two High-Yield Choices – SCANA Corp.(SCG) and Darden Restaurants (DRI) – Similar PE Ratios But One is Much Cheaper

Why Darden Restaurants is so Much Cheaper than SCANA Corp. even though their PE Ratios are Approximately the Same This article is the second in a series of articles designed to elaborate on the proper utilization and understanding of the PE ratio as an important investing metric. Our first article in this series looked at[…]

Amazon is a Great Growth Stock But Extremely Overvalued When its PE Ratio is Interpreted Properly

The PE Ratio – Its Importance as an Investment Tool We believe that one of the most important and useful tools for the serious investor, is the price earnings ratio or PE.  It is, however, one of the most misunderstood and misused tools. We believe that learning how to use it properly and understanding its[…]