Are You Properly Positioned for the Return of the Economic Vitality of America

Today, it seems ubiquitously accepted that the American economy is weak, and that it’s a foregone conclusion that we’re headed into economic oblivion.  We have a bad day in the stock market and Chicken Little shows up everywhere bemoaning our demise and lamenting about our dismal futures.  Besieged by all this bad news, it can[…]

5 Exceptional Dividend Growth Stocks – Lower Volatility and Higher Total Return

Introduction For many people these are troubled times where fears about our economy and the stock market are at a heightened state.  Stock price volatility is higher than we’ve ever seen it, which only adds to investor nervousness.  Therefore, we searched for a safe place for conservative investors to invest.  Our due diligence identified five[…]

Sell your Bonds and Gold and Buy Dividend Growth Stocks Before it is Too Late

Introduction Early in their careers investment professionals are taught the importance and benefit of properly diversifying their client’s portfolios.  Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), which was developed and promoted by academia, has taken diversification to the extreme.  According to Modern Portfolio Theory, asset allocation is the primary determinant of future returns and in the reduction of[…]

Strong Standard and Poor’s 500 Earnings plus Weak Stock Values equals Opportunity

S&P 500 Earnings are Strong + Stock Values are Weak = Opportunity Extensive research, experience and analysis spanning more than 40 years has taught me that earnings determine market price in the long run.  I have dubbed this principle with the acronym EDMP.  However, there also exists a short-run evil twin sister EDMP.  This principle[…]

8 Strong Growth Stocks Significantly Under-valued by Mr. Market

Positioning Statements and Principles We don’t believe in investing in the stock market.  Instead, we believe in investing in great businesses.  Therefore, we tend to focus more on how the business is performing on an operating basis than we do on stock price volatility.  In other words, we are most interested in whether or not[…]