Hudson City Bancorp: Short-Term Risk, Long-Term Opportunity?

Hudson City Bancorp (HCBK) is widely recognized as one of the most conservatively and best managed financial institutions in the country. Thanks to their conservative lending practices and prudent fiscal management, Hudson City Bancorp prospered through the great recession while other financial institutions faltered and even collapsed. This prudently run financial institution did not partake[…]

Would Ben Graham Give Warren Buffett an ‘F’ for Holding Coca-Cola?

As most everyone knows, Warren Buffett received much of his initial investing education from the father of modern security analysis, the venerable Ben Graham. Personally, I attribute most everything I know about investing from reading the teachings of both Graham and Buffett. To me, it only made sense to learn as much as I could[…]

Teva Pharmaceutical Has It All: Value, Growth and Yield

Headquartered in Israel, Teva (TEVA) is the world’s largest generic drug maker, which markets over 1200 molecules in over 60 countries throughout the world. In addition to their generic portfolio, Teva also possesses a strong branded portfolio led by Copaxone, the world’s leading injectable therapy for multiple sclerosis. Teva generates high levels of cash flow,[…]

6 High Yield Pharmaceutical Companies: Do They Justify the Risk?

Introduction Today Investors are keenly focused on income while simultaneously very risk averse.This current behavior brings with it a level of frustration.The appetite for yield is high precisely at a time when yields on the traditionally safest investments like bonds and CDs, etc. are at historic lows.On the other hand, dividend yields on many blue-chip[…]

10 Dividend Stocks Poised for Growth

As 2011 begins, the growing legion of investors seeking retirement income is faced with the same conundrum they faced in 2010. Interest rates remain at near all-time lows, and severely limit attractive investment options to meet income needs. After being traumatized by the great recession of 2008, safety and risk aversion are of the highest[…]