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Why a Stock Market Crash Shouldn’t Matter


 I published an article on Seeking Alpha over the weekend that received quite a response. The title was: Why a Stock Market Crash Doesn’t Matter. Upon further reflection, I wish I had titled it – Why a Stock Market Crash Shouldn’t Matter.

My reasoning is simple. I see the stock market as merely the store you shop at to buy stocks. In other words, it is not an entity, it is a place. Inside this store are thousands of different pieces of merchandise called operating businesses. Each has their own identity and individual characteristics. Once I shop there and buy what I like, the store itself doesn’t matter anymore. I only care about what I now own.

To be more precise, the Stock Market Store is actually an auction market. I can go there to buy or sell businesses as I choose. However, once again, the overall state of the auction market matters little. I only care about the value of the specific businesses I am buying or selling at that moment.

Today’s video looks at the companies I covered in my article to support its thesis.

Best when viewed in full youtube screen.

I believe in thoroughly researching each and every investment you consider for either purchase or sale. I also believe that it is not a stock market; instead it’s a market of stocks.

Disclosure: Author Manages Portfolios Long COH, CTSH, ESI, GOOG, NKE, ORCL, PG and TEVA.
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