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Walgreens (WAG): Dividend Champion With The Best Potential Total Return


….This report presented essential “fundamentals at a glance” illustrating the past and present valuation based on earnings achievements as reported. Future forecasts for earnings growth are based on the consensus of leading analysts. Although a quick glance can tell you a lot about the company, it is imperative as a reader that you conduct your own due diligence in order to validate whether the consensus estimates seem reasonable.

When looking at the historical earnings and price correlated graphs on Walgreens, we see that there really is no such thing as a normal P/E ratio (the blue line on the graph). Massive overvaluation has caused Walgreens’ P/E ratio since the late 1990s to consistently fall. Then, the recession of 2008 brought a sharp drop in both the stock price and P/E ratio contraction for this quality company. However, the most important point this article endeavors to make is that Walgreens’ business continued to generate close to an impeccably consistent operating performance through it all.

Consequently, now that Walgreens is largely undervalued, there is significant opportunity for above-average returns at below-average risk.

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