The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company: Analyzing a Cyclical Stock with FAST Graphs


A FAST Graphs’ subscriber requested on our forum that I provide an analyze out loud video on Goodyear Tire & Rubber company.  He stated that: “I thought the signs looked good, but few stocks seem to lose market value as consistently.  The dilemma is to cut losses or if I thought it was a good buy before, maybe a great buy now down 30%?”

The request and the question and comment interested me because it provides an opportunity to evaluate a cyclical stock utilizing FAST Graphs.  Consequently, let me start out by stating that FAST Graphs are designed to reveal a business’ fundamentals and how the market has historically valued those fundamentals.  Therefore, we refer to FAST Graphs as a “tool to think with.”  In this regard it is not offered as a short-term market timing tool.  However, for the long-term investor, I do believe that FAST Graphs facilitates the making of sound and intelligent buy, sell or hold decisions as well or better than anything else available.

I hope everyone finds this useful,

Chuck Carnevale

Co-founder FAST Graphs