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When an analyst on TV mentions a stock is overvalued I often yell at them ‘no it’s not, haven’t you looked at the earnings line compared to the price?” and last night a portfolio manager said one company was a definite buy and it was undervalued. The FAST Graph had a massive shepherd’s hook standing way above the dividend section. Yikes. I definitely wouldn’t buy into that one! My hubby laughed when I told the TV that the portfolio manager had forgotten to check his FAST Graph first. Mr. Carnevale will be the first to admit that it’s a first step in your due diligence process, not all of it, but FAST Graphs do just what they say. It is a very quick way to look at a name and find out if it even interests you without wasting time. It is also a great way to compare a few names in a sector you are looking to get into (ie compare CNI and CP and you’ll quickly see which one you would want to buy if you were going to buy either) I’ve moved from 6 companies to over 30 in one year with the confidence that I know what I’m paying for the future earnings of the companies. This does not mean I haven’t purchased ‘overvalued’ companies, it just means I know what I’m getting into when I do and I understand the risks and am jumping in with my eyes open.”

“I heartily endorse the use of FAST Graphs and think they are a wonderful resource… and well worth the reasonable subscription price for the service. I am more leery than most about spending money on investment tools and goo gaws and graph services that would better be spent on investment partnerships – heck, I use the library copy of Value Line – but FG time and again has lent clarity to my investment ideas. It is a well-thought-out and effective tool for fundamental evaluation of common stocks. Highly recommended.” – Mercury Value

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“Thank you for Fast Graphs!! I use it all the time and it is extremely helpful! I just attended the Money Show in SF, and frequently used it on my cell phone to look at stocks mentioned. I showed and explained it to multiple people, who were all very impressed and interested. When I was visiting Brad Thomas’ booth, he mentioned how wonderful Fast Graphs was to some attendees, and I showed them on my cellphone. Both Jeff Miller and Brad Thomas showed off Fast Graphs in their presentations, and I kept telling the people next to me “they really *are* amazing”. Believe it or not, I have even used them with my 8 year old nephew! He has a small portfolio of boring DG stocks which he chose after looking at the products they produced. (helping him learn the benefits of long term DGI) He had money to reinvest, and I printed out the Fast Graph for each one, and explained the lines and chart for dividend growth (“allowance” being increased), the relationship between the black line and the orange (or blue) line to decide if it was “on sale”, and showed him where to find the current dividend (“allowance”). He decided to take the graphs of 10 companies and group them into piles of more and less desirable stocks based on current conditions. Down to a choice between two, he debated “higher dividend/lower growth” and “lower dividend/higher growth, before using the “on sale” metric to break the tie. It was very fun watching him reasoning it out, and he had an easy time understanding your graphs, although obviously in only a basic way. Thanks again for a GREAT product!!” – Late Night Owl

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“Thanks again for FAST Graphs.” – Dan

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“I would like to thank Chuck for making the FAST Graphs tool available that allows an investor to more easily and more accurately decide when a stock becomes grossly over priced. It does happen and sometimes we tend to think the stock can rise to the moon.” – NC

“Fastgraphs is such a time saver for at a glance fundamental analysis. I can assemble the same graphs with publicly available data manually (i forced myself to do the exercise to learn) but boy is it sorta a pain in the arse. And i do have a day job so the 10$/mo seems like a pittance.” – Zolimox

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“A nice thing about FASTGraphs is that it includes both the graphs and the numbers. It works for both left-brain and right-brain types. I can grind numbers with the best of them as you can see by my articles and background, but I still love FASTGraphs because it gives me both the picture and the numbers in a table. Sometimes I feel like a FASTGraph salesman because I like using them so much and recommend the subscription so highly. I have no affiliation with FASTGraphs except as a very happy subscriber.”  – Dividend Dynasty

“Love the F.A.S.T. Graphs. I’m surprised nobody thought of presenting information like this a long time ago. Kudos. These graphs mean so much more than a chart of past share price alone, which, unbelievably, is the standard by which some measure a stock’s likelihood of future performance.” – Viperman

“Congratulations on FASTGraphs. The visualization of presenting both price and fair value on the same chart continues to amaze and impress.” – Dave

“I would like to take this time to thank you for allowing access to the F.A.S.T. graphs for $10. This makes it possible for the little guy to gain access to soooo much valuable information when trying to evaluate a stock!!! As my comprehension, as well as my accumulation of knowledge increases, I am quite pleasantly surprised by just how much great information the basic F.A.S.T. Graphs screen has on it. I mean it’s chocked full of goodies. Thanks again!!!” – Jim

“I am great fan of Fast Graphics and only wish I had found it many years ago.” – Djsulli

“As a one year subscriber to (basic) FAST Graphs, I have to say I’m only now starting to understand (and use advantageously) the full power of the tool. It’s a powerful addition to my SDI toolkit – and confidence level on valuation.” – Emac99

“FAST Graphs make it all so much easier… Thanks. Also thanks to David Fish’s CCC charts which work so well together with FAST Graphs to steer me in the right direction.” – Peace

“Please keep up the great work. Fast Graphics have sure made my investment life a lot easier.” – Dave S

“Since acquiring the FAST Graphs technology, I utilize it before making any stock purchase or before selling.” – Jim

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I love the fast graphs! excellent. I believe that FAST graphs convey the valuation picture wonderfully!”  – Jack

“Thanks to the best monthly subscription I have ever purchased (F.A.S.T Graphs) and the sharing of sound ideas, I have built a diversified portfolio that not only pays income for reinvesting, but also provides substantial capital gains when I want to “cash in” my chips. Chuck, I owe you a big stein of hard cider.” – Apfels

“The stocks I buy on my own are those that do have decent fundamentals and a product or service that should continue delivering profits for years to come. When Mr. Market forgets to take his meds, I find it very comforting to pull up the F.A.S.T.Graphs chart and see that whatever the earnings might have been that “missed” some analyst speculations, the company is a) profitable, b) growing its earnings in a steady fashion and c) expected to keep on growing them for the next 5 years or more in a way that justifies the price I paid to buy the stock.” – Psycho Analyst

“I use your FAST graphs all the time. Love it.” – Ta0

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“Since using FAST Graphs, I have to say that my “stock picking” prowess and the results that I’ve had with my most recent purchases have been nothing short of amazing. I use the earnings bar to find those companies that are “delivering the goods” and then look to the pricing point relative to that earnings growth. Count me as a satisfied customer.” – Dave

“I looked at CAT and DE in early Dec., settling on CAT due to its higher yield and my favorable impression of its straight talking CEO in interviews after a disappointing quarter in the past year. FAST Graphs was a key tool as I investigated these two companies and made my decision. Chuck, thank you and your team for FAST Graphs!” – rnsmth

“I am a subscriber to Fastgraphs. Great product. I have been investing for decades using a variant of the cash flow line in Valueline, focusing mainly on “ruler” stocks like JNJ, CHD, CL, the old ABT, etc. Fastgraphs is very complimentary to my process, and enables me to look at earnings history as well as CF history.” – Whiteshell

“I love F.A.S.T. Graphs.”

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“Chuck, I subscribe to the basic version of FAST Graphs and it is right at the top of my due diligence efforts. It is very, very easy to get lost in the unending information “out there” on stocks, and Fastgraphs really put the important numbers information in a relatively simple to understand presentation. –  Ptstanford”

“Love Fastgraphs. Great analysis with common sense.”  – Moutie

“I’m currently experimenting with the free trial of FAST Graphs and thoroughly enjoying the results. It is beginning to help me prioritize my watch list as well as shake off the ceaseless day-to-day banter of buzzard-like, portfolio-churning “analysts.”

“I am an active value investor and paid premium subscriber to your service. This service really saves me a lot of time before digging into the raw figures.” – Roger

“I just became your newest member in the FASTGraphs world. If I had had access to this last year, it would have helped me so much. Thank you for making something so valuable available to the small potato investor (like me).” – Ta0

“Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy using F.A.S.T. Graphs. Thank you so much.” –  rnsmth

“Mr. Carnevale’s FAST GRAPHS is invaluable in helping me make good buys.” – Ginny

“I can’t speak for others, but I love F.A.S.T. Graphs! … Love it! I don’t look for it to tell me when to buy, sell or hold. I look to it for all the information it provides to me in minutes. What used to take hours to research, now simply takes minutes to determine if I need to dig further or not. All of the historical information is right there in front of you. Patterns, trends, valuations, etc. All we have to do is add the thought process to the information being reported, and that information is without bias I might add.” – Chowder

“I’ve actually bought into IBM and CSCO relatively recently, using Fast Graphs of course. No doubt, this tool helps me condense research that would take hours to days into minutes.” – Banmate6

“Chuck, your fast graphs are the most amazing estimator of stock performance I have seen. These graphs will be your legacy. ” – positivethoughts

“Two thumbs up for FAST Graphs.” – joni

“Joni, FAST Graphs makes me wish I had 3 thumbs.” 🙂 Robert

“My wife says I’m all thumbs. Do I get to vote?” – Dividend Watcher

“Thank you! Your F.A.S.T. Graphs software is amazing. Thanks for making it so affordable for so many of us.” – Psycho Analyst

“Love FAST graphs-use it many times a day.” – Berloe

“Fast Graphs is life changing for me. I can get my bearing in seconds and determine which stocks are worthy of more research. I used to spend considerable time before Fast Graphs and got less. Thank you for your service.” – Bob

“Best $10 per month you can spend if you buy stocks with any frequency. I never make a buy without checking my initial research with it.” – Eric

“Your openness and sharing of Fast Graph information is appreciated. I add to your accolades and also say Thank You!” – Rose

“Love your FAST Graph service. Refer to it several times a week. Best wishes” – joni

“I love those FAST Graphs!”

“I’m really learning to like FAST GRAPHS and may be going for a sub shortly. Chuck and his system makes a lot of sense.” – Pro8

“I am enjoying my FastGraphs membership which is enabling me to continue to learn the finer arts of investing.” – Paladin306

“Thanks for FASTgraphs itself. It is a great tool.” – Dave

“F.A.S.T graphs has now become completely ingrained in how I do my DD.”  – Stephen

“Like others I think that fast graphs is great.” – dolson

“FAST Graphs is like American Express. I don’t leave home without it. Dave PS: I am a DG investor, but on occasion I like to purchase “growth” stocks. FAST Graphs, like I’ve noted, have brought me to some stock purchases that have been very rewarding, financially.”

“FAST Graphs has allowed me to find valuation in the Contenders and the Challengers as well as in different companies that are not part of the CCC list of stocks, but could be very soon. When we purchased SWY, SPLS, WU, CA, and CSX back in November of last year, they were all discovered first in a screening process and then “tested” with FAST Graphs. Each of those selections which were new purchases have performed very well for us over the last 12 months, with SWY being the big winner. Thanks for FAST Graphs. I’m a believer.”  – Dave

“What you have here is amazing. Being able to see and understand what a stock is doing based on the fundamentals is awesome.” – Bryan

“I consider the Fast Graphs tool indispensable, and use it pretty much daily. I tell other registered reps about it often. It is better than any tool I ever had with Edward Jones. It really help my understanding of many articles when I see it used in analysis by so many Seeking Alpha authors.” – James

“Thanks to you for Fast Graphs “tm”. The only downside, in my thinking, is maybe at some point a tipping point will occur. So many people will be using the tool that Mr. Fama’s prediction will come into play. Undervaluations may become more rare due to Fast Graphs, making the market more “efficient”…….ha….. c’est la vie….hehehe” easyrob

“I got FAST graphs finally. Life gets better and better!” Peace

“Thank you for FAST Graphs.” The Part-time Investor

“I use FAST Graphs to help me decide whether the price of the stock of a company that I like is a buy, sell or hold. In particular, I like to use multiple time-frames with the tool, as sometimes a shorter time frame gives a very different picture.” Tallguyz

“Since my discovery of FAST-GRAPHS, your product has been an integral part of my portfolio screening and due diligence. Your clarity of concept and excellence of presentation (not to mention the spiffy calculation engine behind it all) allow investors to engage their right-brains along with their traditional left-brains in visualizing complex and critical relationships within and between equity issues. The upcoming major upgrades will only increase the utility of FAST-GRAPHS to your highly appreciative subscribers. The product just keeps getting better and better. You are producing true value for thousands of investors. You are generating Alpha.”  – Sincerely, Art S

“Since subscribing to F.A.S.T. Graphs last year, it has become a key piece in my investment research. The visual presentation puts a lot of data into a comprehensible format. Many thanks for the tools your service provides and for the recent upgrades.” Sincerely, Bob

“I am enjoying my FastGraphs membership which is enabling me to continue to learn the finer arts of investing.” – Mark

“Thanks for FASTgraphs itself. It is a great tool.” – Dave

“F.A.S.T graphs has now become completely ingrained in how I do my DD.” – Stephen

“Another Fast Graphs fan. I used it to sell SYY this last March after holding it for 3 years when I clearly saw on your graphs that it was overvalued and, based on earning projections, wouldn’t be fairly valued again until 2017. That coupled with only a 4% 3 year average dividend growth rate I saw brighter prospects elsewhere. Thanks for the assist” – ddickman

“Your FAST graphs etc. blow my mind with all the detail and easy to picture stats.” Hardog

“I love FAST Graphs.” StepUp

“To add to the kudos, the best part of using the graphs is that we are visual creatures, and with quick glance at our holdings or prospective purchases, if we see a curve starting a downslope or other divergence from the norm, we can stop and conduct further diligence. Great tool no matter how shallow or deep we use it.” Old Newbie

“Thanks again for your excellent work and the FAST Graph tool.” Dividend Dynasty

“I like and value using F.A.S.T.graphs and appreciate all of the thought and work that you have put into the system.” Rcpatrick5443

“I sincerely appreciate your FAST Graphs and the great service your team has provided. They have changed the way I view the markets and my money.” – Rob

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“One more vote for the value of FAST Graphs™; just started a subscription to Chuck’s great service (premium), and am having a ball analyzing so many stocks quickly.”

“I bought AFL a year or two ago, when it was overvalued; that was perhaps the single best reason for me to become a subscriber to FAST Graphs, so that I don’t make that mistake again.” – Robert

“I find FAST graphs to be indispensible. Thanks!” – Juano

“FASTGraphs, it’s simply the most useful investing tool I’ve ever come across, and it just keeps getting better with your periodic enhancements.” – Chump

“Thanks for helping make me a smarter investor. For Christmas I am treating myself to F.A.S.T graphs. Be good,” – Brodie

“As a subscriber to FAST Graphs™, I use the tool to decide on whether to purchase additional shares of what I currently hold or to add a new holding. One of the biggest enhancements that I use is the FFO data added for MLPs and REITs.” – Apfels

“I have been a subscriber for about a year. I am an inexperienced DGI investor without any formal financial training. This is a terrific tool. Better financially educated would thoroughly appreciate the advanced subscription and all of it’s features.” –  Robandcindy2

“I have been using traditional stock evaluation tools for years. When I found FAST Graphs, I found a tool that lent validation to what I was finding out from my own stock analysis.”

“I would find a company that appeared to be a value and then go to FAST Graphs, and find that the stock graph showed exactly what the stock research showed me. Confirmation.”

“Now, since using FAST Graphs, I have purchased shares of stock in a number of companies with the confidence that my own research was being validated by Fast Graphs.”

“Love the FAST graphs.” – LongDividends

“FAST graphs are simply a tool for enabling one to reduce risk through better understanding historic intrinsic value.” – Ray

“Signed up for FASTGRAPHS within the past week. It’s another great tool in the evaluation kit.” – FreeStateYank

“Big fan of FAST graphs.” – j359

“I can’t understand the people who are reluctant to spend $10.00 to try FAST Graphs. The investment decisions feel so much more secure with this tool at my disposal. re : “the book” articles can be timely, books IMHO need to be more timeless. Looking at some of my FAST references I can see some things look more or less promising depending on the dates used.” – jfwelsh610

“Let me just say that I have visited your F.A.S.T. graphs website and, favoring visual depictions of data myself, I found F.A.S.T. graphs to be very interesting and I think they could be quite useful. I’ll likely try the 14-day Trial Subscription.” – Mike

“I signed up for the trial a week ago, and put my DGI portfolio stocks to the F.A.S.T. Graphs test right away. I was already monitoring my stocks with spreadsheets, but I learned quite a few things from the graphs in just 10 minutes. Amazing.” – Zookbert

“I’ve procrastinated long enough. Going for the credit card and signing up for FAST graphs. Cheers!” – FreeStateYank

“I wish I had found you and FAST Graphs 10 years ago when I got introduced to investing, MPT, and the Mutual Funds Industry. Nevertheless, it’s never too late to learn more and become a better investor, and that’s exactly what I am doing thanks to you and your wisdom! You have my greatest respect and eternal gratitude!” – pkozanov

“Your Fast Graphs are brilliant. I still have not fully probed the depth of their usefulness.” – Sugar Charlie

“ A very satisfied FAST Graphs subscriber. You’ve opened my eyes to the fact it’s not enough to just “buy quality,” you need to buy quality at a reasonable valuation. Happy investing!” – Emac99

“F.A.S.T. Graphs has certainly cut down the amount of time gathering selection criteria. It’s nice to be organized and that tool sure is organized.” – chowder

“I can not imagine considering and investment without the use of fastgraphs.” – eaglebear

“The new Portfolio feature on Fast Graphs is awesome!” – OntheRock

“you are the graph man!!!” – Zgb952

“Love fast graphs!” – byuandhold

“F – I’ve been using FGs since Mr C made them available. They are the most valuable invest tool I’ve seen. Keep in mind, they are data not someone’s opinion. As soon as a stock is mentioned in an article, I can FG it and know if I might be interested. (Its amazing how many dogs are written up and you need to have a way to look at its history). One still needs to do one’s home work. The stock may be undervalued for a reason. But to be able to look at a stock like UTC and see in an instant what it has done over 20 years is a great thing.” – Jrpah

“I completely agree with jrpah. The key word is “valuable”, as they are truly just that. Every stock I want to do further DD is viewed through the data driven lens of Fast Graphs before I even delve further. That’s an incredibly powerful indication of the importance of the tool.” Stephen

“To my knowledge, there is no other service sold that matches the ease and elegance of FAST Graphs. You owe it to yourself to watch Chuck’s videos.” – paul

“I would not be in the sound position in my portfolio today were it not for your articles and fast graphs.” – Iwklutedc

“After recently reading ‘The Intelligent Investor’, two months ago I signed up for Fast Graphs. It is a great product and integrates nicely with my current investing style. (dividends for retirement income as opposed to trying to find the next double such as Google or Winstar or ISRG or MSFT or Quest in the mid 90’s). Anyway, I love the tool. I checked the valuation numbers and found them to be more conservative than Graham. Of course there are lots of things to think about before making a purchase but Fast Graphs is great for weeding out the over valued. Anymore, I simply won’t buy unless there is a fire sale. Thanks for creating and making FG available to us.” Dave J

“a picture is worth a thousand words” Yes, and FAST Graphs is worth $9.95/month!!! :-)” Robert

“Absolutely right Robert! And as an old-timer who has “thrown away” lots of money for various financial newsletters over my years, if you can afford the premium subscription, it is so well worth it!”

“Your FastGraphs tool is really excellent with the continued improvements adding to its functionality. Thanks! Ray

“Once again, FAST & FUN Graphs takes the place of honor in my investing toolkit.” Be Here Now

“I am a highly-satisfied customer and user of FAST Graphs. It costs $9.95/month. I consult it every day. It has saved me lots of money by preventing me from making bad investments. It is worth much more than the price would suggest.” Robert

“I am new to F.A.S.T. Charts and I love them.  Thanks for all the work you put into this.”JG09

“Love the F.A.S.T. Graphs.” Ixeus

“I love the new FAST Graphs ‘Dividend’ line showing the percentage of earnings that goes to dividends. It’s very revealing.” George

“The F.A.S.T. graphs reveal and compress a tremendous amount of data into a clear “picture.” They are not intended to be the end of a fundamental stock review, but one heck of a foundation for the start of one.” Ray

“Keep up the enhancements to FG, it just keeps getting better! Sincerely” Chump

“I use my FAST subscription daily and once a month I run a graph on each one of my positions. The graphical representation saves me a ton of number crunching.” Vnetherly

“”I am not a paid spokesperson,” but I have got to tell you, my subscription to FG is the one tool I would not go without.” Apfels

“Love FAST graphs. What would I do without them. :))” CDGI

“Wonderful charts as always, so much easier to get the idea with an illustration.” Techwork

“I love the fast graphs visual way of displaying data rather than seeing tables of data. Much easier to see things that do not just jump off the page.” Mjs28S

“The genius of F.A.S.T. Graphs is that it is a tool which compiles and delivers this S&P Capital IQ data in a way that’s efficient and largely visual. Without F.A.S.T. Graphs, you’re resigned to pouring over tables and trying to deduce trends — the historic performance trend of earnings, the historic stock price correlation to these earnings relative to their current correlation, and a projected future stock price based on earnings estimates under different PE scenarios. You also see the trend of dividend growth, as well as how any given stock’s dividend weathered the last 2 recessions — information that is critical to anyone nearing retirement who may be counting on their nest egg to provide consistent income during their golden years. There are many other facets to this software tool which provide immense value added, which I can’t go into here due to space concerns. I can look at a company using F.A.S.T. Graphs, and in 30 seconds, I’ll know if it has the basic fundamental characteristics of a company I want to research further, and whether it’s under, over, or fairly valued. I can also scan hundreds of stocks in an evening, and, with a click, push those which interest me into a portfolio of stocks to research further, stocks to watch, or stocks to buy when the price is right.” JeffKing

“FastGraphs does an exemplary and unrivalled job of highlighting earnings consistency and valuation. I can’t imagine buying a stock without using FastGraphs! K2climber”

“Your Fast Graphs fundamentally changed the way I look at investment.” Mziegler3

“FAST graphs has helped me sort this out much faster than it used to take me to manually calculate and interpret past results.” – Ray

“I agree, FAST graphs is pretty incredible.” – Daniel

“Thanks again for all you do for us between articles and F.A.S.T. graphs, we really appreciate it!” – Brian

“The reason there are hundreds of comments praising Chuck is because of what Chuck has done for all of us dividend growth investors – he has written many many articles educating us (none of which we pay for), and he has implemented FAST Graphs, which I use every day (and happily pay for).” – Robert

“Love what you’ve done with the FAST Graphs, Chuck! You’re a wonder. :)”  -Miz

“I love the new YOC feature and for that matter F.A.S.T. Graphs. What a wonderful tool for investing. All the best” – jdhd

“I take a tiny bit of pride in having been one of perhaps many subscribers who actively lobbied for the dividend reinvestment feature in FastGraphs. It is truly a tool to think with and has been significantly enhanced by this addition. FastGraphs doesn’t answer the question about whether a company is likely to continue growing earnings, appreciate in price, or pay ever-increasing dividends into the future. However, it illustrates very clearly what happens to ownership in companies who have done just that, and what happens if you reinvest steadily in them. Since past history is at least somewhat representative of management competence and philosophy, it’s a starting point for the personal due diligence required of every self-directed investor.” – Dr. Nathan

“It was easy investing a few years ago when everything but Amazon was cheap. Now the market is dear. There are many good story stocks, but a quick glance at FAST Graphs tells me if I am too late. I admit that I found myself annoyed at articles which did not show me this important information, so finally I succumbed to the inevitable and subscribed to FG. Now you have added dividend reinvestment (accumulation phase, drip everything)…Perfect!” – Dude

“I am a Fast Graph subscriber and LOVE the new feature showing the impact of reinvested dividends. This new feature actually swayed me to sell GIS and KMB today.” – Dividend Dynasty

“Congratulations on continuing to expand the capabilities of FASTgraphs.” – David

“Chuck, great tool you created for evaluating stocks.” – Tuliptown

“FastGraph’s new dividend reinvestment calculator certainly is very enlightening for me. I’ve always tended to gravitate towards growth stocks and capital appreciation but this new feature does open my eyes to the benefits of incorporating and re-investing dividends. Best Regards” Chris

“Hey Chuck, I really like the new dividend reinvestment feature in FG. Best” Chump

“So, these FastGraphs are becoming necessary, I think that is what I am reading?” Rnsmth

“I have subscribed to various newsletters and services over the years. Some have taught me investing styles, some have taught me what I don’t like about an investing style. I signed up for the basic FASTgraphs and before long i was checking every investment idea against the FASTgraph data as the first screening step in my due diligence. Then I started using it as a portfolio monitoring tool, and that’s when I paid up for the higher subscription. I consider it worth every penny.” Dr. Nathan

“Ditto Nathan! That’s exactly what I did, and I’ve started my second year as a premium subscriber. It’s worth every penny, and the investment decisions I’ve made since subscribing, have paid for it multiple times over.” Berninvestor

“I am deeply grateful to be a satisfied FAST Graphs customer!” Robert

“Love FAST GRAPHS…I’d be lost without them.” Stephen

“FAST graphs is now a tool in my arsenal for stock selection.” Catwomaninc

“FAST Graphs is an excellent tool and, as I get smarter on DGI I’m sure I’ll upgrade to the Pro version. Soon, I hope.” JP99

“Only now when seeing the FASTGraphs data do I have better confidence in my assessments and margin against fair value. FASTGraphs makes it much clearer.” Craig

“Chuck, your FAST tool visuals are game changing.”

“I’m very pleased with FAST Graphs, – fantastic tool to put some perspective on what’s happening at the micro vs macro level.”

“FAST Graphs certainly have been a positive influence upon my stock picking.”

“I just started a subscription in Jan this year as a present to myself. After a year’s worth of looking at the charts in your articles, I found them to be a good, quick, top-level overviews of a company and they quickly became my go-to source of information when beginning to investigate for a stock purchase. Thanks for the good work!”

“I’m a Fast Graphs subscriber, and love your service. Thank you.” Guitar Man

“I am a new subscriber to F.A.S.T. Graphs, and find this service very valuable!” dddddddddddddddd

“Just subscribed to FAST Graphs a few days ago. Between David Fish’s invaluable CCC spreadsheet and FAST Graphs, I’m finally feel empowered to make good choices. Thank you!” emac99

“Pictures are worth more than a 1000 words…… Great stuff as always Chuck.” Gapwedge

“I have found researching with FASTgraphs for the past few months has taught me an immense amount.” Westercoaster

“Fast Graphs makes it easy” AuGaMoney

“Your FAST graph pointed out the reality of the situation.” Norman

“I have been a subscriber to FAST graphs for a few weeks now and I must say that all investors should have it as part of their tool box for investing. What a great resource!”

“I just signed up for Fast Graphs and I love it. Thanks” Larry

“I fervently believe that a FASTgraph is power, and I further believe that a FASTgraph is the greatest antidote against making foolish mistakes. Thanks for the great read and your continued efforts with FASTgraphs!”

“I’d be lost without my Fastgraphs, use them all the time!”

“Chuck, If the original “Intelligent Investor” Ben Graham was alive, I’m sure he would endorse FAST Graphs, as well as enjoy your growing library of articles!”

“Now I have quantitative proof of why I use F.A.S.T. graphs on a regular basis. I am on the income (spending) side of investing rather than the accumulation (savings) side. It is still most important that I buy “great companies at a fair price” (Buffet I think) but yield and dividend growth are also important to me now. The graphs are another tool to help me preserve my capital and enjoy my retirement.”

“Between David Fish’s invaluable CCC spreadsheet and FAST Graphs, I’m finally feel empowered to make good choices. Thank you!”

“If there were an Investor Hall of Fame for people who have helped others with their investing, and sharing valuable information, you and your F.A.S.T. Graphs™ would get one of my selections.”

“Love the F.A.S.T. Graphs™! It makes investing so much more clear.”

“When FAST Graphs were unavailable because of Hurricane Sandy, I realized how much I need them in order to make investment decisions. (Wish I could be) Long FAST Graphs!!!” Robert Allan Schwartz

“F.A.S.T. Graphs are AWESOME! ‘Nuff said.” Viperman

“FAST graphs accurately do pictorially what used to take me a long time to determine. In the case of Caterpillar, the FAST graph is pretty compelling.” Ray

“Your FAST Graphs are invaluable.” David Fish

“I’m a happy FAST Graphs user for about 2 months now. It’s like someone (you and your team) turned the lights on in a dim room for me.” tallguyz

“Yesterday, I signed up for your F.A.S.T. Graphs™. It’s a really amazing, valuable tool for checking over/undervaluation of stocks. Wish I had it years and years ago!!”

“Always enjoy seeing the FAST Graph research tool as well, it almost seems too good to be true!” ED

“Fastgraphs make it much easier to see earnings, projected EPS and PE.” Jcirafic

”I am amazed at the usefulness of your F.A.S.T. Graphs™ and I plan on using them for a long time to come.”

“happy FAST graph user here too. Very helpful.” Meditative

“I too wish I could be “Long” Fast Graphs!!! Any chance you’ll be filing an IPO? Sign me up! Seriously Chuck, your work is invaluable.” K2climber

“Chuck – I’m a satisfied user of Fast Graphs, and find your charts extremely easy to understand.Thank you!” Guitar Man

“I, too, am a very satisfied Fast Graphs user for almost a year. It has been invaluable in making buy decisions.” OntheRock

“I sure wish I had your “tool to think with” way back when. I’m now a very happy F.A.S.T. Graphs premium member, and it is helping me to monitor my portfolios, and is a great aid for me to select new additions.” Berninvestor

“I recently subscribed to the F.A.S.T. Graphs™.  They really do give you a good quick look at the valuations picture. A much needed tool!”

“I am enjoying and benefitting from my new F.A.S.T. Graphs membership.” rcpatrick5443

“As a subscriber to FAST graphs, I use the tool to decide on whether to purchase additional shares of what I currently hold or to add a new holding.  One of the biggest enhancements that I use is the FFO data added for MLPs and REITs.” Apfels

“Adding the FFO stuff to the graphs was an excellent improvement and a big help to those of us who like REITs and MLPs.” Vance

“I keep finding new and useful ways to use FAST Graphs. Last night I discovered the links to Google Finance and MSN Money. It is becoming more valuable to me as I use it more. Best regards,” Bob J

“FAST Graphs are just outstanding–giving the ability to see at a glance an undervalued stock. Terrific.”

“F.A.S.T. graphs are an outstanding tool.” Ray

“FAST Graphs are the best way to find out if a company is under-, fairly-, or over-valued, that I am aware of. I am a very satisfied customer, and highly recommend them.” Robert Allen Schwartz

“I use the F.A.S.T. Graphs™ method to evaluate all of my ideas. I recommend it for individual investors, since it helps them focus on data and get past the many emotional arguments.”

“Re: WMT. I’m a grateful subscriber to fast graphs. An example of its usefulness….I bought Walmart in 1993 when it moved into my small town and finished off the downtown retail there………now have a sell order in….coincidentally 20 years later….. Have a 397% gain in WMT. Most of that gain occurred in the 90’s. During the first decade of 2000 I was amazed at how the stock price would rarely go anywhere in spite of the fact that they were cleaning up the leftovers with new superstores and hard core pricing pressure on suppliers. I was amazed because I wasn’t looking at WMT valuation vs. price. After subscribing last year, fast graphs showed me in one glance, that WMT had been overvalued for years and is unlikely to become very undervalued now. I would have sold long ago given my current priorities but 7 years ago I had no business plan for my investments. Even though WMT is in potential buy territory now, I’m selling cos it’s below my yield criteria. Not sure this comment is pertinent to the conversation, however, Fast graphs is the single most useful tool I have seen for initial assessment company value, price and yield. Thank you Chuck.” easyrob

“I am a very satisfied subscriber of your Fastgraphs. Thank you.” aretailguy

“Thanks Chuck, LOVE (and subscribe to) your FAST Graphs!” mattskin

“Chuck , your FAST graph is priceless….” ubinpokharel

“Just signed up for FAST Graphs, Chuck. They are invaluable! Thank you for the work you do!”

“I too have been buying on dips for the last two years, and have paid zero attention to Shiller, and very close attention to FAST Graphs, to my profit.”

“LONG FastGraphs……lol. What a great tool, so glad I discovered it!” Craigcosta

“Thanks Chuck, Nice group to research, I have FAST GRAPHS.” Barry

“As a FASTGraph user, I understand that we would choose many of the same stocks. One of the things I like best about FASTGraphs is the ability to see 20 years of earnings graphically and then selecting the companies with the most consistent earnings growth.” Dividend Dynasty

“I’m a graphite. I couldn’t complete a 7th grade math exam, but looking at a chart, Chuck’s charts don’t just talk to me, they sing. The first time I saw one of his charts, and figured out what they were trying to tell me, I started seeing market action in 3-D. I can read a price and volume chart. Studied it for years. A chart explains to me the psychology of the market in each time frame I pull up. I could explain why PG was a buy yesterday, even for value investors, as it broke out from a mult-year high, but unless they too are graphites, they wouldn’t get it. Yes sir, I’m a graphite babee.” Chowder

“Recently I paid up for the more functional FastGraphs. For those of you frugal DRIPers out there, it’s about what you’ll pay on a steak dinner out with your spouse for a whole month of fun. Just go in there and plug in a few numbers; earnings growth, dividend threshold, etc. You’ll find a wealth of companies to screen, including all of those that show up on the CCC list. If you want to expand your horizon to find some that missed a dividend increase once in 25 years, you’ll find them.”

“I think the world can be split pretty evenly between number crunchers (bean counters?) and graphites. Looking at graphs never worked for me–I spend my time trying to convert them to numbers so I can understand them. But I have never heard a bad word from the graphites about the FAST graphs.” Bruce7b

“Very good work. I think CNBC ought to throw up FAST graph history instead of stock price history on the t.v. Since they won’t ever do that, ever consider starting your own program? With the web, it might be possible. I have some experience as a camera man. Get someone to do the lighting and sound, and we’re in business.” Viperman

“I like the FAST graphs and always appreciate seeing what I feel. Great tool.”

“I firmly believe that FAST Graphs is one of the best tools I’ve seen.” Paul

“The use of FASTgraphs clearly shows how a price-only graph fails to show the true valuation of a company.” David Fish

“Fast graphs is the single most useful tool I have seen for initial assessment company value, price and yield. Thank you Chuck.” easyrob

“Hi, Chuck. I recently became a subscriber after seeing your graphing tool cited in many Seeking Alpha articles. It’s terrific! I’m a very visual person and the graphs really show how fairly valued a stock price is. I especially love the FFO option for REITs and MLPs.” David

“Thanks for the enhancement! Everything is perfectly clear now. Fast Graphs is the main tool I use in determining if a stock I’m looking at is a good value or not. It is like an investment bible that has helped me reap big rewards and been fun along the way.” Bill

“I just signed up for F.A.S.T. Graphs™; I have read Chuck’s writings for quite a while on Seeking Alpha and decided it was the one tool that I felt had serious value.”

“Only wish F.A.S.T. was available 15-years ago…I’d be sitting on a beach in the Caribbean. Keep up the good work…you have the best website on the market.”

“I have Fast Graphs and like it. Thanks.” Barry

“Really useful as always. Man do I love me some FAST Graphs!”

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