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This is How You Can Beat the Market Without Fail


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Introduction With this article I am going to present several ways that investors, especially retired investors, can beat the market without fail.  However, what I will be presenting may not be what you are expecting, particularly if you have a narrow notion of what beating the market means.  In other words, one of my primary […]

The Right Way to Value Growth Stocks: Part 3


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 Introduction In part 2 of this series I focused on how to value slow and moderately growing businesses. In this article, Part 3, I will shift my focus on how to value faster growing companies (growth stocks).  My definition of a fast grower (growth stock) is one that has consistently compounded earnings at 15% per annum or […]

25 Real-Life Examples: How High Valuation Can Hurt Investors, Let Me Count the Ways


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Introduction It almost every article I have ever published, I talk about valuation in one manner or another.  So much so, that readers have dubbed me Mr. Valuation.  The primary reason I am so obsessed about valuation is because I believe it is one of the most important and yet mostly ignored and overlooked concepts […]

Campbell Soup Company: High-Yield and Speculative Capital Gain Potential-Part 4


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Introduction This is the fourth of what will be a long-running series highlighting dividend growth stocks that have technically entered bear market territory.  Many investors define a bear market as when prices fall at least 20%.  After coming out of the true bear market inspired by the Great Recession, stocks have generally been enjoying a […]

Celgene: Growth At A Reasonable Price Even On Revised Guidance


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Introduction This article is an update to my original article on Celgene (CELG) published on June 22, 2017.  Celgene reported their financial results yesterday October 26, 2017, and although the quarter was good, lowered guidance crushed the stock price.  In my opinion, some of the sag in price was justified, but for the most part […]

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