Infrastructure Stocks Too Hot to be Investable


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When investing in the stock market, it is not uncommon that certain sectors will become either red-hot or stone cold. Right now, classic infrastructure stocks have become red-hot. The question is, have they become too hot to be investable? There are times when certain sectors get hot, and they run and sometimes they run for […]

Make Money With Auto Makers Now


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Make Money with Auto Makers, like Tesla, Ford, Stellantis, Honda, General Motors, Nissan, Volkswagen, etc. have a legacy of finding it difficult to grow profits consistently. As a result, it is equally difficult for investors to make money investing in them over the long run, thus going for a ride in the auto industry. On […]

How to Value Growth Stocks


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Valuing High Growth Stocks Growth stocks are a different breed, and they cannot be valued in the same way you value average businesses. When you are looking at regular businesses, the company’s current valuation is a primary consideration. This is typically measured utilizing metrics such as the P/E ratio, price to cash flows, price to […]

Regardless, You Gotta Eat: 5 Consumer Staples Package Foods and Meats Stocks


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You asked to see these 5 Consumer Staples package foods and meats stocks so here they are.  For the most part they have decent dividend yields, but very little in the way of growth.  Personally, I like to consider these as foundational holdings.  If you pay attention to valuation you rarely lose money owning them […]

Tesla – Great Cars, Perhaps Great Company But Very Scary Stock


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Introduction Tesla (TSLA) makes great automobiles, and although that is not all that they do, the Tesla automobile generates most of their revenues. That may not always be the case, but it is today. According to Zacks Investment Research, Tesla’s automotive segment generated 93.7% of 2019 revenues. Moreover, Tesla commands approximately 60% market share of […]

Not All Dividends Are the Same Even When Their Yield Is Similar


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Introduction The better informed the investor is, the better the investment decisions they can make. But being an informed investor can be a very arduous task, and some would even say that conducting research on common stocks is a real snoozer. Poring over mounds of financial data and trying to piece this information into meaningful […]

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