Southern Company: The Wait For Fair Valuation Is Over


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Thesis For Growth To be perfectly blunt, there really isn’t much of a growth thesis for the Southern Company (SO). Founded in 1945, Southern Company is an electric utility company that serves over 4.4 million customers in Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi. As a regulated utility, the company is better known for its high payout […]

Utilities – Today’s Best Bond Alternative


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Introduction:   Equity versus Debt a.k.a. Owner-ship versus Loaner-ship To refer to any stock or equity as an alternative to bonds or fixed income is sure to stir up the ire and consternation of many professional and individual investors alike who deem themselves prudent.  Frankly, under normal circumstances I would tend to agree.  But the nature […]

Forecasting Future Earnings Is The Key To Successful Stock Investing, Consensus Analysts’ Estimates Provide A Solid Starting Point


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Looking for good dividend paying stocks to add to your retirement portfolio?  You might want to try trusting analysts’ estimates to aid in your selection process. Putting Analysts’ Estimates Into Perspective I believe that estimating future earnings growth is a major key to successful long-term stock investing.  If you’re a true investor, then you are […]

The Essence of Valuation is Soundness Not Rate of Return


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Introduction on Stock Valuation When it comes to writing about investing in common stocks, my favorite theme typically revolves around valuation.  In fact, I once had a reader dub me “Mr. Valuation.”  Which, I might add was very flattering to me.  Moreover, in the context of discussing valuation there are normally three concepts that are […]

Most Eastern Utility Stocks Are Overvalued – Part 4


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This is our fourth and final installment on assessing the relative valuation of utility stocks today.  Our first installment part 1 looked at utility stocks in general. In part 2 we covered utilities operating in the Western part of the United States, and in part 3 we looked at utilities operating in the Central states.  This […]

Readers’ Choice Calculating Fair Value on Transalta, Southern Company and Exelon


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This blog post is presented in response to questions and comments on recent articles I published.  Therefore, I offer this following post to clarify certain confusions that readers had. My articles were dealing with valuation discussions about dividend growth stocks to include utilities. Three utility companies were discussed where I felt there was some confusion […]

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