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Dividend Contenders In Value for the Accumulation Phase and/or Income Distribution Phase of the Retirement Portfolio


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Introduction In my previous article found here I reported on Dividend Champions that I felt were fairly valued.  In contrast to Dividend Champions that have raised their dividends every year for 25 consecutive years, Dividend Contenders have raised their dividends every year for 10 to 24 years. Therefore, I feel that the Dividend Contenders list also provides […]

Growth Stocks: There is a Lot of Value in this Market Part 2


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Introduction In part one of this series we introduced the notion that in all markets whether bear or bull, there will always exist individual stocks that are fairly valued, overvalued or undervalued. In this same vein we argued that it’s a market of stocks, not a stock market. For those who missed it, here’s a […]

Maybe Diversification Is Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be


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There’s an old cliché about real estate investing that states that the three cardinal rules are: location- location- location.  Clever pundits have borrowed upon this refrain and glibly state that the three most important or cardinal rules of investing are: diversify- diversify- diversify. However, careful analysis will reveal that diversification is a multifaceted concept that […]

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