A Comprehensive Look At Dividend Growth Stock Valuations Sector By Sector: Part 2


Finding attractively valued dividend growth stocks is getting harder and harder to do.  The overall market has been on a relentless advance for many years now, and high quality dividend paying growth stocks have been leaders.  Consequently, valuations have become extended beyond historical norms and I contend prudence.  Nevertheless, there are attractive dividend growth stocks available if you’re willing to look hard enough.


These Are The Only Dividend Champions And Contenders That Appear Attractively Valued


As the stock market continues its relentless advance, attractive valuations are getting harder and harder to find.  This is especially true for the highest quality blue-chip dividend growth stocks.  Perhaps more importantly, in addition to the market’s relentless advance, there has also been a clear flight to quality – especially with dividend growth stocks.  Therefore, the vast majority of the best-of-breed blue-chip dividend paying stocks are currently trading at elevated levels.  In other words, finding high quality and value is very rare today in the dividend growth segment.


10 Attractive Dividend Growth Stocks Poised to Become the Next Dividend Champions Or Aristocrats


I screened the Dividend Contenders list provided by fellow Seeking Alpha Author David Fish searching for attractive valuation.  This article presents 10 Dividend Contenders that I considered most attractive based on valuation and forecast long-term earnings and dividend growth.  I want to be clear that these selections are not offered as a portfolio.  Instead, these are 10 individual selections with various degrees of safety, yield and valuation levels that prospective investors can choose from.  Hopefully, there is something here for every reader depending upon their own unique investment goals and objectives. […]

20 Attractive Dividend Growth Stocks in Today’s Overvalued Market

I recently published a series of articles on Seeking Alpha and other sites that were free to the public where I presented 20 attractively valued dividend growth stocks with an aggregate yield of 4.3%.  If you haven’t already read them, here are links to both of those articles. 20 Dividend Growth Stocks To Buy Today Read more about 20 Attractive Dividend Growth Stocks in Today’s Overvalued Market[…]

20 Dividend Growth Stocks To Buy Today For Your Retirement Portfolios: Part 1


We are in the seventh year of a strong bull market, and stock valuations have generally become extended as measured by the S&P 500.  It is undeniable that the overall market’s valuation today is higher than it has been in years.  However, even though that statement may be true in the general sense, it does not mean that every stock in the market is overvalued.  Nevertheless, there are many investors unwilling to invest in any common stocks simply because they believe the market is too high, even though there may be many individual stocks available at attractive valuations. […]

For the Dividend Growth Investor Qualcomm Has It All!

Introduction Qualcomm Incorporated (QCOM) is a high-quality A+ rated blue-chip Dividend Contender that appears to possess all the characteristics that a prudent dividend growth investor could ask for. The company has no debt on its balance sheet and offers a current dividend yield over 3% that has grown on average by 19% per annum since Read more about For the Dividend Growth Investor Qualcomm Has It All![…]

Stocks for 2014: Growth and Income For Total Return Part 3

Introduction When investing in common stocks, there is no one strategy that fits all investors.  Some investors are focused on investing for income, some for capital appreciation and others for various combinations of both.  Additionally, there is the issue of risk tolerance.  Some investors are willing and capable of assuming greater risk if they believe Read more about Stocks for 2014: Growth and Income For Total Return Part 3[…]

Stocks for 2014: Something for Everyone: Part 1

Introduction Chuck Carnevale My biggest pet peeve regarding common stock investing is how so many people have a tendency to over-generalize this asset class.  Commonly held beliefs such as investing in stocks is risky, or that the stock market is overvalued, or that the fed is driving stock prices, etc., are just a few examples Read more about Stocks for 2014: Something for Everyone: Part 1[…]

Qualcomm: Where Innovation Meets Results

Thesis For Growth Qualcomm (QCOM) is a global company founded in 1985 that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets digital telecommunications products and services. The company’s passion is “to continue to deliver the world’s most innovative wireless solutions.” Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the company is the underlying licensing business model. As Qualcomm indicates: “the Read more about Qualcomm: Where Innovation Meets Results[…]