The Earnings Rule



 Whether earnings go up, down or sideways, in the long-run prices will follow. Over a short period of time price movement based on emotion may deviate. However, inevitably price will move to earnings. Therefore, it’s much more important and, interestingly, easier to forecast earnings than it is price. However, most people take their cue from […]

PepsiCo Profits



PepsiCo reported better than expected profits this morning. Its stock trades at a historically low valuation. Therefore, its current yield is higher than normal with a history of growing. Today’s video looks at PepsiCo as a dividend growth opportunity. Best when viewed in full youtube screen. Disclosure: Author Manages Portfolios Long PEP Growth yield is a […]

Fear of Success!



Fear interferes with rational thoughts. Consequently, it has no place in the investing process. A year ago people were panicked and selling stocks, indiscriminately. Now the news is reporting a strong rally and some investors are fearful it will end and collapse again. Consider a couple of points. Many good businesses, whose earnings held up, […]

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