A Primer on Valuation: 9 Very Fast-Growing Super Stocks


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Introduction This article is going to deal with growth stocks and how to value them. First of all, it’s important to point out that growth stocks are very different than ordinary stocks. Growth stocks need to be thought about differently, because they possess powerful attributes that their more ordinary cousins do not. Even though this […]

Principles of Valuation Part 2: How to Value a Business, And How to Think About Stock Prices


Research Articles

In Part 1 of this three-part series we focused on how to value slow and moderately fast growing businesses. In this article, Part 2, we will shift our focus on how to value faster growing companies. Our definition of a fast grower is one that has consistently compounded earnings at 15% per annum or better […]

When the Price is Right



Due to the recent recession, everyone is looking for a deal. This has actually been good news for certain companies. In the long run, at least a business cycle (3-5 years), the rate of earnings growth is important. A fast growing company will command a higher valuation than a slower growing company. Today’s video looks at […]

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