OGE Energy Corp.: Attractive Value Above-Average Dividend Yield


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Introduction Utility stocks should be primarily thought of as income investments. To a certain extent they can be considered as bond alternatives. Not bond replacements, instead, an alternative income producing asset that has advantages and disadvantages over fixed income and common stocks in general. For starters, most utility stocks are regulated and therefore operate with […]

Dividend Growth Stocks Can Provide Retirees Great Total Returns


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Introduction to Dividend Paying Stocks When people talk about dividend paying stocks, their focus is often on the dividend income they provide. This is especially true for the investors that fancy themselves purists as dividend growth investors, who seemingly care more about their dividends than they do their capital. However, this article intends to illustrate […]

Investing in Central Utility Stocks – Do Today’s Valuations Make Sense? Part 3


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This is the third in my series on investing in utility stocks based on the sector’s current valuation levels. The series was initially inspired by concerns that utility stocks may be overvalued because they had recently performed very well.  When the series first started with Part 1, utility ETF’s were showing the best one-year performance […]

If You Own Utility Stocks, Consider Selling The Overvalued Ones – Part 1


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Introduction Recently, I’ve come across several discussions by dividend growth investors as to whether the utility sector is overvalued or not today.  Therefore, I decided to look into the sector’s relative valuation as a whole to see what I could find. The only way to efficiently conduct this kind of research is to rely on […]

How to Know What Rate of Return to Expect from your Stocks: Part 1


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Introduction We believe there are two critical attributes that the prudent investor should consider before investing in a company (stock).  Furthermore, these same two attributes can be used to calculate a reasonable expectation of the future return the stock is capable of generating on their behalf. These two attributes are valuation and the rate of […]

5 Fairly Valued Central Utilities With Above-Average Dividend Yields


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. . . . This article reviews 5 Central United States regulated utility stocks that appear fairly valued and offer above market dividend yields. Utility stocks have long been coveted by investors seeking above-average yield and stable prices. Currently, many high-quality regulated utilities offer bond-like characteristics, but with yields higher than what is available from […]

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