Stocks 2014: Investing for Growth – The Power and Protection of High Compounding Earnings Growth – Part 2


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As I become more mature (translate: gotten older), my investment philosophy has slowly evolved into a more conservative posture.  When I was a younger investor I felt I had time on my side, and therefore, was willing to take on greater risk as long as I believed that greater rewards could follow.  In other words, […]

Net1 UEPS Technologies (UEPS) Rises Over 30 Percent Rewarding Undervaluation


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One of today’s biggest gainers is a small-cap, NASDAQ traded, application software company, Net1 UEPS Technologies (UEPS), and at one time was up over 30% in just this one trading day. As of the time of this writing, Net1 UEPS Technologies is rising approximately 28% from a close of $6.72 on Tuesday, January 18, 2012 […]

Netflix – A Brutal Lesson On the Dangers of Overvaluation


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The stock market has been pummeling Netflix (NFLX), assumingly based on significantly lowered expectations of future earnings results. However, the purpose of this article is not to provide a comprehensive analysis of Netflix the business.  Many fine articles have recently been published that have covered the business potential of Netflix more than adequately. Whether Netflix […]

10 Super-Fast Growth Stocks With Explosive Returns


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One of the things that continuously frustrates us about the investment industry is how imprecise it can be with its definitions of important terms. A second frustration that follows muddy labels is the application of statistical analysis based on faulty or inaccurate descriptions of these important terms and concepts. In our opinion, ”value investing versus […]

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