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Understanding Fair Valuation: A Common Sense Approach To Long-Term Investing Success


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Introduction In order to understand what the intrinsic value or fair value of a common stock is, you must think like a long-term business owner and not like a stock trader.  Additionally, you must think like a business owner that has no intention of selling their business.  Put another way, your business generates your livelihood. […]

Credit Card Companies: Poised To Continue Their Charge


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In true oligopolistic fashion, the credit card industry is dominated by just four players:  Visa (V), MasterCard (MA), American Express (AXP) and Discover (DFS). For instance, here’s a look at the respective market shares over the 2006 to 2012 period:

Growth Stocks: There is a Lot of Value in this Market Part 2


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Introduction In part one of this series we introduced the notion that in all markets whether bear or bull, there will always exist individual stocks that are fairly valued, overvalued or undervalued. In this same vein we argued that it’s a market of stocks, not a stock market. For those who missed it, here’s a […]

Visa and MasterCard Deserved a Higher Price


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Introduction Both Visa, Inc. (V) and MasterCard, Inc. (MA) enjoyed explosive moves in their stock values on Wednesday, June 29, 2011.  Visa was up over 15% and MasterCard over 11% thanks to the Fed’s more liberal-than-expected stance on debit fee regulations.  In our opinion, this perceived regulatory overhang had caused the share prices of these […]

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