The Greatest Risk We Face: To Again Falling Into a Recession


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The Problem A spate of frightening headlines has led to two troubling declines in financial instruments.  The first, of course, is the decline in equity prices that has everyone worried about their financial futures.  This drop in stock price is in everybody’s face and therefore commands prime time attention by the media.  Of course, the […]

Warren Buffett Said Ignore Political and Economic Forecasts


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There’s certainly no shortage of pundits, prognosticators and even self-proclaimed prophets ready and willing to bombard us with dire forecasts about our future.  We get a day in the market like Monday, August 8, 2011, and “Chicken Little” shows up everywhere to include radio, television, newspapers, magazines and the Internet.  Yet somehow, we survive it […]

Want to Seek ‘Significant’ Alpha? Look Beyond Dividend Stocks


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On March 30, 2011 an author that I have a great deal of respect for published an article titled “Investors who seek Alpha should seek out dividend stocks”. Although I share an appreciation and penchant for owning quality dividend paying growth stocks, I also took exception to the innuendo and conclusions that his article presented. […]

Fishing for The Six Best U.S. Dividend Stocks


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There is a running argument regarding whether or not dividend paying stocks are interchangeable for bonds. The pro-bond side argues in favor of the stability of bond prices and the predictability of bond interest. The pro-dividend paying stocks side argues in favor of the potential for increasing dividend income coupled with possible capital appreciation. In […]

Markets Reacting Badly to JNJ



JNJ reported better than expected earnings of $1.20 versus street estimates of $1.13. They raised full year 2009 guidance from $4.52 to $4.54 – $4.59. Of course, the stock is down 2% in early trading. Today’s video looks at JNJ based on fundamentals and evaluates what the change in guidance really means. Best when viewed in […]

This is No Band Aid!



Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is a leading blue chip company that has typically commanded a premium valuation. It weathered the recession extremely well. In fact better than most. However, its current valuation is significantly below normal. Today’s video looks at Johnson & Johnson from the perspective of valuation based on earnings. Best when viewed in full […]

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