Our Top 40 Favorite Dividend Champions: Blue-chip Dividend Growth Stocks Today’s Strong Option for Retirement Portfolios Part 2


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In part one of this two-part series (Found Here) I laid the groundwork for why I believe that blue-chip dividend paying US equities represent not only a viable, but also a safer investment choice than many give them credit for. I also pointed out why I believe the risk profile on bonds is currently upside […]

Newsflash: The Dividend Aristocrats Found The Lost Decade


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Introduction There are many people who continue to hold a jaundiced view of stocks because they were traumatized by the last two recessions.  Precipitous drops in equity prices drove them to distrust stocks and stock markets.  However, I believe that most of the negative sentiment is a function of what I would describe as vague […]

Yes, They Do: Low Interest Rates Do Make Stocks Cheap


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Introduction: Pessimism Is For Losers I’m inspired to write this article because I am so frustrated by the plethora of all the so-called expert market prognosticators that continuously bombard the public with negative forecasts. I consider this to be both erroneous and irrational.  When the markets are doing well, we are immediately inundated with articles […]

Buffett’s Latest Portfolio Changes


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The following table summarizes the fundamentals of the seven stocks that Berkshire Hathaway took action on. Davita (DVA) and Liberty Media were purchased. Wells Fargo (WFC), DirecTV (DTV), CVS Caremark (CVS) and Visa (V) were added to, and Berkshire cut its stake in Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) from 37 million shares to 29 million. We’re […]

Buy Johnson & Johnson While It’s Cheap


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Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is one of the premier blue-chip companies in the world. It is one of only four AAA rated corporations with headquarters in a country with a AA rated government. For much of the past two decades, Mr. Market has traditionally applied a premium valuation to this high-quality enterprise. However, Johnson & […]

Dividend Champions a Rare Undervalued Opportunity


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We believe that based on earnings, 2012 is starting out with the stock market undervalued. We believe in the long-term ownership of great businesses purchased at sound and attractive valuations. Consequently, we view the stock market as merely the store that we shop at in order to buy the businesses we want to own. Furthermore, […]

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