Trying To Beat The Market Is A Fool’s Errand

Introduction Proponents of indexing as the best investment strategy seemed to take great delight in reporting how the vast majority of professionally managed portfolios (mutual funds, separately managed accounts, hedge funds, ETFs, etc.) fail to outperform the S&P 500.  Therefore, they argue, it is best not to even try.  Investors should simply invest in index Read more about Trying To Beat The Market Is A Fool’s Errand[…]

To the Max

In the long run the relationship between earnings and market price is very correlated. In the short run, price volatility may do anything which can be unnerving. I believe buy and sell decisions are more intelligent when based on earnings rather than price. Today’s video on TJX Companies, Inc. shows how price is driven by profits. Read more about To the Max[…]

Retail Sales Department Stores

Soon it will be Christmas, and the important shopping season. Coming out of the recession all eyes will be on holiday sales this year. Today’s blog will look at the retail industry, starting with the department stores, both high-end and middle-tier. Tomorrow we will review discounters. The most important principle being presented here is the Read more about Retail Sales Department Stores[…]