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Today’s 18 Best Dividend Aristocrats Are Today’s Worst Investments


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The Standard & Poor’s Dividend Aristocrats represent the crème de la crème of dividend growth stocks. These are all companies that have increased their dividend for a minimum of 25 consecutive years. Many of them have consecutively increased their dividends for 30 years, 40 years, 50 years or more. Therefore, they offer a level of […]

Is Costco Stock Worth It


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You asked for it, so every Tuesday I do a subscriber request. Today’s video is on Costco, Is Costco Stock Worth It, one of the highest quality companies on the planet and a leader in the “Hypermarkets and Supercenters” subindustry category. Even though Costco has fallen approximately 15% since November of last year, in the […]

Alpha Pro Tech Limited: Update from February 9, 2021


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Introduction On February 9, 2021 I produced the article titled “Alpha Pro Tech Well-Positioned To Participate In COVID-Led Growth.” In that original article I pointed out that Alpha Pro Tech (APT) was well-positioned to participate via earnings growth because of selling masks and other protective gear relevant to the COVID pandemic. I also provided earnings […]

You asked for it! 16 Financial Stocks – How Cheap Are They?


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This is a FAST Graphs Subscriber Request Series – You Asked For It! FAST Graphs Analyze Out Loud on these 16 Financial Stocks: Aflac (AFL), Allstate Corp (ALL), Ameriprise Financial (AMP), Brookfield (BAM), Franklin Resources (BEN), Blackrock (BLK), Chubb (CB), Cannae Holdings (CNNE), Eaton Vance (EV) now known as Morgan Stanley (MS), Invesco Mortgage (IVR), […]

How To Know When To Sell A Tech Stock?


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Introduction One of the most common complaints I hear from investors is that their advisors or brokers like to tell them when to buy, but never tell them when to sell. Whether those criticisms are fair or not, the sell decision is certainly the most vexing decision that investors face. Nevertheless, there are several clichés […]

Walt Disney Company: A Lesson on Overvaluation


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Introduction Please accept this special edition offering on Walt Disney Company (DIS) as a lesson on valuation.  Over the many years I have been a value investor, I have learned that even the best companies can become dangerously overvalued by the market.  Sometimes they can remain that way for extended periods of time.  We have […]

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