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When Others Are Fearful, Buy Hewlett Packard


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To be perfectly blunt, Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ) posted a solid first quarter 2011 (see conference call transcript here). However, it’s amazing how the media can spin a tale of negativity out of excellent operating results, and how the market could take this already inexpensive technology stalwart down at a double-digit percentage rate as a result. […]

Dell Gets Beat Up!



What a difference a day makes. Dell, Inc. reported disappointing earnings today. However, they did report earnings, not losses. Of course, the so-called market is taking their stock down over 9%. Dell’s intrinsic value didn’t change that much today, but price action is. Today’s video looks at Dell and two large competitors for perspective. Best when […]

Tech Truths!



Technology stocks are commonly thought of as growth stocks. However, in reality, many high profile tech stocks are very cyclical or even slow growers. Hewlett-Packard recently announced the purchase of 3Com. This will position them to compete more effectively with Cisco. Today’s video looks at the Hewlett-Packard buy of 3Com, as well as a few possibly […]

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