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Honeywell International Inc: Fundamental Stock Research Analysis


FAST Graphs At-A-Glance

This article is going to examine Honeywell International Inc (HON) through the lens of FAST Graphs – fundamentals analyzer software tool.  What we see is a picture of a company that is currently in-value.  With a 2.5% dividend yield, the prudent dividend growth investor might want to take a closer look at this fine company […]

The Case for Optimism: Our Top 25 Dividend Growth Stocks are Dirt Cheap


Research Articles

Anyone who had recently invested in real estate would most likely agree that the phrase “dirt cheap” carries a new and enhanced meaning today. In the same vein, we would argue that our top 25 dividend growth stocks based on the potential for five-year estimated annual total returns are dirt cheap.  Consequently, we believe that […]

Ten Prominent Defense Stocks That Pay Dividends, Part II


Research Articles

Introduction In Part I of this two-part series we pointed out how proposed spending cuts by Defense Secretary Robert Gates are designed to hold the growth of the $680 billion defense department budget to only 1% or 2% for the next few years. We further pointed out that these pending spending cuts were casting a […]

The Business Matters Most



Every day I see an endless litany of pundits telling me the rally is over or it’s got a ways to run. Two truths apply: One, no one knows for sure, they are just guessing. Two, it really doesn’t matter anyway. Our video clearly shows that the success of the individual business is what matters most. […]

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