The Best Way to Judge Past Performance: Part Two


On virtually every financial website on the planet there is a never-ending daily stream of stock tips and recommendations.  Consequently, the investing public is literally flooded with information and advice regarding what stock to buy today or not to buy.  Some of what is offered is supported by factual information and logic, but unfortunately, much of what is offered is merely based on the opinion of the author.  This presents quite a challenge to the prudent prospective investor seeking sound advice or guidance.  The recommendations are presented and it is left up to the individual to act on the advice or not based on the content as written. […]

Hudson City Bancorp: Bum or Bum Rap?

Since we have written extensively on Hudson City Bancorp (HCBK) in the past, we have received several requests for an update given yesterday’s circumstances. An article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal by Corrie Driebush of Dow Jones newswires titled, Hudson City Expects to Receive Regulatory Enforcement Action, stimulated a sharp selloff in the company’s share Read more about Hudson City Bancorp: Bum or Bum Rap?[…]

Hudson City Bancorp: Short-Term Risk, Long-Term Opportunity?

Hudson City Bancorp (HCBK) is widely recognized as one of the most conservatively and best managed financial institutions in the country. Thanks to their conservative lending practices and prudent fiscal management, Hudson City Bancorp prospered through the great recession while other financial institutions faltered and even collapsed. This prudently run financial institution did not partake Read more about Hudson City Bancorp: Short-Term Risk, Long-Term Opportunity?[…]

Value versus Volatility

All stock price movements do not mean the same thing. For example, the market collapse last year dropped most stocks. In truth, based on fundamentals some deserved to fall, while some did not. Understanding this distinction is a vital investor attribute. Today’s video will look at financials, two banks and two insurers. See if you can see Read more about Value versus Volatility[…]