Should Dividend Growth Investors Forgive General Electric?


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There was a time in the not-too-distant past when General Electric Co. (GE) was the darling of Wall Street and everybody’s favorite stock to own.  This was especially true during the Jack Welch Era, which spanned the years 1981 to 2000.  In truth, I agree that Jack Welch should have been given a great deal […]

Principles of Valuation Part 3: The Key to Avoiding the Obvious Mistakes


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In this, our 12th and final installment of our series of articles on when and why to buy a stock, we will focus on how to use the principles of valuation to avoid obvious mistakes. As mentioned in previous articles, investing is never a game of perfect. The best that an investor can hope for […]

Ten Prominent Defense Stocks That Pay Dividends, Part II


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Introduction In Part I of this two-part series we pointed out how proposed spending cuts by Defense Secretary Robert Gates are designed to hold the growth of the $680 billion defense department budget to only 1% or 2% for the next few years. We further pointed out that these pending spending cuts were casting a […]

Valuation Matters



Valuation Matters In my opinion, there are two primary factors that determine long-term returns. The rate of change of earnings growth and the price or valuation you pay to buy those earnings. This week we will focus on several consequences of valuation. How overvaluation reduces returns and how undervaluation can enhance returns. Today’s video looks at […]

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