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Owens & Minor Inc.: Irresistible Yield, Irresistible Valuation


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Introduction Recently, I have had several requests to write an article about Owens & Minor Inc (OMI).  I had not looked at this company in a while, and boy oh, boy, was I surprised at what I found.  Owens & Minor is on the “Dividend Contender” list produced by David Fish. Owens & Minor has […]

Invest In Walgreens Or CVS – Speculate In Rite Aid


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Introduction For many years now, investing in healthcare related stocks has presented me with a conundrum of sorts.  Demographic forces, primarily the graying of America (and the world for that matter), suggests powerful future growth potential and demand for healthcare related products and services.  On the other hand, healthcare and its costs have long been […]

Searching for Alphabet’s True Worth? Should we Google it?


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Introduction This is the third in a series of articles where I will cover popular and/or high profile stocks. The primary objective of this series will be to put a spotlight on the importance of forecasting future growth prior to making an investment decision.  I elaborated on the importance of forecasting future growth in part […]

Demo 5 FAST Graphs Portfolio Construction Management


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Demo Number 5 – FAST Graphs Portfolio Construction and Management

Kroger’s Recent Price Weakness Might Just Be a Good Loss


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Introduction Investors usually hate it when they buy a stock and the price goes down.  However, being upset with a price drop is not always the appropriate response.  There are situations where a price drop is a disaster, and there are times where a price drop is a gift.  This is a distinction that relates […]

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