The Best Way to Judge Past Performance: Part Two


On virtually every financial website on the planet there is a never-ending daily stream of stock tips and recommendations.  Consequently, the investing public is literally flooded with information and advice regarding what stock to buy today or not to buy.  Some of what is offered is supported by factual information and logic, but unfortunately, much of what is offered is merely based on the opinion of the author.  This presents quite a challenge to the prudent prospective investor seeking sound advice or guidance.  The recommendations are presented and it is left up to the individual to act on the advice or not based on the content as written. […]

“Ye Of Little Faith” What Has It Cost You? Part 1


I believe that one of the most important attributes that a successful investor must possess is optimism.  Any serious student of financial history would recognize and acknowledge that economically speaking, things are good much more often than they are bad.  In the general sense, common stocks have risen far more often than they have fallen. That is not to say that bad times never come, because they most assuredly do.  However, even during bad times optimism has served investors better than pessimism.  The rational optimist recognizes that bad times are only temporary, and better times are sure to follow. […]

Many Of My Dividend Growth Stocks Have Become Overvalued, What Do I Do Now?

Introduction To me, there’s almost nothing better than finding a great company that I truly want to own at a fair valuation, or better yet, undervalued.  In the long run, it has been my experience that this usually leads to outsized future returns, especially if you buy stocks when they are undervalued at the time.  Read more about Many Of My Dividend Growth Stocks Have Become Overvalued, What Do I Do Now?[…]

America’s Best Companies are Cheap – So Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Let there be no confusion about the purpose and intent of this article.  It is intended to present a positive and enthusiastic defense and a reasoned support of our great country and its economic strength and promise.  There are far too many that want to criticize and denigrate our economy and the very system within Read more about America’s Best Companies are Cheap – So Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year![…]

Want to Seek ‘Significant’ Alpha? Look Beyond Dividend Stocks

On March 30, 2011 an author that I have a great deal of respect for published an article titled “Investors who seek Alpha should seek out dividend stocks”. Although I share an appreciation and penchant for owning quality dividend paying growth stocks, I also took exception to the innuendo and conclusions that his article presented. Read more about Want to Seek ‘Significant’ Alpha? Look Beyond Dividend Stocks[…]

Why a Stock Market Crash Shouldn’t Matter

 I published an article on Seeking Alpha over the weekend that received quite a response. The title was: Why a Stock Market Crash Doesn’t Matter. Upon further reflection, I wish I had titled it – Why a Stock Market Crash Shouldn’t Matter. My reasoning is simple. I see the stock market as merely the store Read more about Why a Stock Market Crash Shouldn’t Matter[…]

Earnings Determine Stock Price

This week’s blog is dedicated to illustrating the undeniable long-term relationship between earnings and market price. Valuation plays an important role. However, over time, the importance of earnings is clear. In the short run, volatility will always be evident. Prices may not perfectly correlate to earnings over short periods. Eventually though they will. Knowing this Read more about Earnings Determine Stock Price[…]