This Is What Real Bubbles Look Like

With the stock market currently doing so well, numerous articles are popping up playing the bubble card.  Personally, I don’t believe we are anywhere near bubble levels for equities, at least in the general sense.  I do think there are certain stocks that are currently overvalued, but very few that I would describe as dangerously Read more about This Is What Real Bubbles Look Like[…]

Fastenal (FAST): A Vivid Case of Overvaluation

Our normal policy is to produce articles and analysis on companies that we believe offer attractive valuations based on earnings and cash flows.  However, we’ve recently received numerous requests to write about companies that may be overvalued by Mr. Market. This article is going to cover a company that we have owned in the past, Read more about Fastenal (FAST): A Vivid Case of Overvaluation[…]