The 6 Most Expensive Stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average: Part 1 of 5

Introduction When the Dow Jones Industrial Average first hit 20,000 in January of this year it generated quite a buzz within the financial community.  Since January the Dow Jones Index has continued to rise and currently is over 22,700.  However, the Dow Jones is not the only market index that is currently sitting at or Read more about The 6 Most Expensive Stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average: Part 1 of 5[…]

Premier Dividend Growth Stocks: Is There Any Value? A Sector By Sector Summary Review: Part 1


As a value investor, I must admit to being very frustrated with the valuations I’m seeing on high-quality blue-chip dividend growth stocks.  I have been vigorously searching for fairly valued dividend growth stocks to invest in.  I have thoroughly screened and evaluated every company in the S&P Dividend Aristocrats, all three of the CCC (Champions, Contenders and Challengers) lists produced by David Fish, every dividend paying stock on the S&P 500, Fortune 500, NASDAQ 100, S&P 100 Large-cap, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and even the S&P 400 mid-cap universe.


Dividends Don’t Drive Total Return They Contribute To It: Part 1

Dividends Don’t Drive Total Return They Contribute To It: Part 1 Introduction I believe there is a critical piece of investment wisdom that all investors in common stocks should possess.  Every common stock investor should have a clear understanding of where and how long-term common stock returns are generated or come from.  When an investor Read more about Dividends Don’t Drive Total Return They Contribute To It: Part 1[…]

11 Dividend Aristocrats That Have Come Into Fair Value

Introduction Recent weakness in the stock market is creating value for those with the foresight and courage to invest when opportunities present themselves.  This is important, because subsequent to the Great Recession many of the premier dividend growth stocks such as those on the Standard & Poor’s Dividend Aristocrats list have become overvalued. Many attribute Read more about 11 Dividend Aristocrats That Have Come Into Fair Value[…]

Safe Large-Cap Blue-Chip Dividend Champions For Your Retirement Portfolios: Part 2


  • Retired investors should appropriately be more concerned about safety and growth of income than about earning high returns.
  • Retired investors no longer have the opportunity for pay raises associated with working.
  • Most recognized blue-chip dividend paying stocks have been in business for many decades, and in some cases for a century or more.
  • Many Dividend Champions have increased their dividends for 40, 50 or more years in a row.
  • The notion that blue-chip Dividend Champions are too risky for retired investors is greatly exaggerated.


25 Dividend Champion Investment Opportunities: Something For Every Retired Investor, Part 1


  • The stock market as measured by the S&P 500 continues to hover near an all-time high.
  • It is getting harder to find reasonably valued dividend growth stocks to invest in today.
  • There are still high-quality attractive blue-chip dividend growth stocks available for current investment.
  • 25 Dividend Champion research candidates at or near fair value currently.


Chicago Bridge & Iron: A Solid Company With An “Out Of Whack” Dividend

By means of introduction, the Chicago Bridge & Iron Company (CBI) is an energy infrastructure firm and a major provider of government services. We’d give you three guesses as to where and how the company began, but we don’t believe you’d need that many: Chicago Bridge & Iron was founded in 1889 in Chicago, Illinois being initially involved in bridge design and construction. Since that time Chicago Bridge & Iron has expanded into one of the world’s largest engineering, procurement and construction companies focusing on the global energy industry – today employing about 55,000 people. […]

Stocks for 2014: Fairly Valued Dividend Growth Stocks with an Emphasis on Dividends – Part 4


I am a firm believer that common stock portfolios should be custom-designed to meet each unique individual’s goals, objectives and risk tolerances.  With that said, I believe it logically follows that in order to create a successful portfolio, the individual investor must first conduct some serious introspection to be sure that they truly “know thyself.”  Therefore, I believe the first, and perhaps most critical step, towards designing a successful equity portfolio is to ask your-self, and honestly answer several important questions.


Stocks for 2014: Something for Everyone: Part 1

Introduction Chuck Carnevale My biggest pet peeve regarding common stock investing is how so many people have a tendency to over-generalize this asset class.  Commonly held beliefs such as investing in stocks is risky, or that the stock market is overvalued, or that the fed is driving stock prices, etc., are just a few examples Read more about Stocks for 2014: Something for Everyone: Part 1[…]

Invest In Stocks With A Margin of Safety To Reduce Risk And Enhance Returns

Introduction Of all of the many sound investing principles that legendary teacher and investor Ben Graham put forward, he believed that his concept of “margin of safety” was the most important of all.  This investment lesson was so deeply ingrained into the mind of Ben Graham’s most famous student, Warren Buffett, that he created his Read more about Invest In Stocks With A Margin of Safety To Reduce Risk And Enhance Returns[…]