Definition of Appreciation



My favorite definition of appreciation is when others appreciate what you have more than you do. This is how shrewd investors find bargains. Warren Buffett once said, “You can’t buy what’s popular and expect to do well.” Today’s video looks at valuation from the perspective of undervaluation. Best when viewed in full youtube screen. Disclosure: Author […]

Shopping the Market



This blog is offered to provide insights into investing in good businesses, rather than the stock market. We believe that the “stock market” is nothing more than the store you shop at to buy good businesses. Our goal is to appeal to investors desirous of being long-term shareholders, not day traders. Importantly, this is a […]

Earnings Determine Market Price!



In the long run it really doesn’t matter what the market’s doing. Unless, of course, you own an index fund, then it matters a lot. However, if you own individual companies then only their business results truly matter. The evidence is overwhelming. In the long run earnings determine market price. There is also the issue […]

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