A Comprehensive Look At Dividend Growth Stock Valuations Sector By Sector: Part 2


Finding attractively valued dividend growth stocks is getting harder and harder to do.  The overall market has been on a relentless advance for many years now, and high quality dividend paying growth stocks have been leaders.  Consequently, valuations have become extended beyond historical norms and I contend prudence.  Nevertheless, there are attractive dividend growth stocks available if you’re willing to look hard enough.


25 Dividend Champion Investment Opportunities: Something For Every Retired Investor, Part 1


  • The stock market as measured by the S&P 500 continues to hover near an all-time high.
  • It is getting harder to find reasonably valued dividend growth stocks to invest in today.
  • There are still high-quality attractive blue-chip dividend growth stocks available for current investment.
  • 25 Dividend Champion research candidates at or near fair value currently.