Costco After the Recent Correction-Overvalued Or Undervalued?


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Introduction This is the fourth in a series of articles where I will cover popular and/or high profile stocks. The primary objective of this series will be to put a spotlight on the importance of forecasting future growth prior to making an investment decision. I elaborated on the importance of forecasting future growth in part […]

Ball Corp: Boring Company, Interesting Prospects


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Ball Corporation (BLL), founded in 1880 by five brothers, is a metal packaging company that employs more than 14,500 people in over 90 locations worldwide.  At first glance it might seem as though this is a rather boring company. In fact, seeing the company’s products touted as “solutions” may even sound a bit odd – […]

This Is What Real Bubbles Look Like


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With the stock market currently doing so well, numerous articles are popping up playing the bubble card.  Personally, I don’t believe we are anywhere near bubble levels for equities, at least in the general sense.  I do think there are certain stocks that are currently overvalued, but very few that I would describe as dangerously […]

The Best Use of Corporate Profit (cash)


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Introduction I have recently authored two articles showing that, all other things being equal, a stock that pays its shareholders a dividend generates a higher total return than a stock with similar growth characteristics that doesn’t. This is based on the reality that stock prices follow earnings in the long run, and it is this […]

Costco vs. Wal-Mart: Who Wins the Stock Price Wars?


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Headquartered in Issaquah, Washington, Costco (COST) reported fiscal year fourth quarter earnings Wednesday that beat street estimates only to see its shares slide. Although earnings were two cents better than estimated, revenues came in a little short. So far, the media is attributing Wednesday’s stock slide to the revenue miss and slightly slower September sales […]

Discount Retailers?



It seems logical that discount stores do well in a recession. In fact they do well in most economic conditions. Today’s video looks at how leading discount retailers have faired in good times and bad. Best when viewed in full youtube screen. Disclosure: Author Does Not Manage Portfolios Long ROST Perception and reality do not always […]

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