Suffering Stock Market Stress? Consider This Market with Negligible Volatility and Consistently Rising Values Instead!


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Introduction It would be an understatement to call the recent stock market activity turbulent.  High stock price volatility makes investors anxious and some people even become downright frightened.  These emotional responses are often exaggerated for people in or near retirement.  Therefore, I contend that all investors need to find ways to keep their emotions in […]

Becton Dickinson & Co: Stock Research Analysis


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This article is going to look at blue-chip dividend growth stock Becton Dickinson & Co (BDX) through the lens of FAST Graphs™, fundamentals analyzer software tool, which shows the company currently in value.  The dividend growth investor might want to research this company further for a possible candidate for their portfolio. About Becton Dickinson & Co: […]

Supply Your Portfolio With Healthy Growth From Medical Suppliers


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With baby boomers being one of the biggest population bubbles, medical suppliers can be a healthy addition to a portfolio.  Here are five medical supply companies that are trading below their normal historical PE ratios and inline or slightly below their estimated growth rates.  Consequently, they represent an opportunity for above-average growth and yield. Five […]

5 Dividend Aristocrats With 3-Pronged Profit Potential


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. . . . Summary and Conclusions We believe that this list of blue chip companies each represents the opportunity for investors seeking growth of capital and growth of dividend income. As previously stated, we feel that each possesses the opportunity for a three pronged return opportunity. Furthermore, we believe that the current low valuation […]

Becton Dickinson- A Healthy Dividend Growth Stock On Sale


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One of the great long-term benefits that a recession brings is the opportunity to invest in extremely high-quality companies at low valuations.  This is especially true of companies that have proven themselves as being highly recession-resistant on an operating basis. In other words, companies whose businesses remain strong even when economic times are difficult, as they […]

Dividend Champions a Rare Undervalued Opportunity


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We believe that based on earnings, 2012 is starting out with the stock market undervalued. We believe in the long-term ownership of great businesses purchased at sound and attractive valuations. Consequently, we view the stock market as merely the store that we shop at in order to buy the businesses we want to own. Furthermore, […]

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