Premier Dividend Growth Stocks: Is There Any Value? A Sector By Sector Summary Review: Part 1


As a value investor, I must admit to being very frustrated with the valuations I’m seeing on high-quality blue-chip dividend growth stocks.  I have been vigorously searching for fairly valued dividend growth stocks to invest in.  I have thoroughly screened and evaluated every company in the S&P Dividend Aristocrats, all three of the CCC (Champions, Contenders and Challengers) lists produced by David Fish, every dividend paying stock on the S&P 500, Fortune 500, NASDAQ 100, S&P 100 Large-cap, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and even the S&P 400 mid-cap universe.


Suffering Stock Market Stress? Consider This Market with Negligible Volatility and Consistently Rising Values Instead!


It would be an understatement to call the recent stock market activity turbulent.  High stock price volatility makes investors anxious and some people even become downright frightened.  These emotional responses are often exaggerated for people in or near retirement.  Therefore, I contend that all investors need to find ways to keep their emotions in check in order to avoid panicking, which typically leads to the making of a devastating financial mistake. […]

The Truth About The Impact Of Dividend Reinvesting

Introduction There is a growing trend towards doing-it-yourself (DIY) portfolio management.  Many individual investors have become disillusioned with professional investment management at various levels, to include mutual funds as well as custom-designed professionally-managed portfolios. Consequently, they have become motivated to take their financial futures into their own hands and manage their own portfolios. Generally, I Read more about The Truth About The Impact Of Dividend Reinvesting[…]

Why Accomplished Dividend Growth Investors Can Ignore Price Volatility

Introduction For a lot of reasons, dividend growth investing is becoming more and more popular every day.  The historically low interest rate on fixed income is perhaps one important reason for this trend.  However, an equally important, and perhaps even the most important reason, might just be that investors are better informed on the dividend Read more about Why Accomplished Dividend Growth Investors Can Ignore Price Volatility[…]

Air Products & Chemicals Inc: Fundamentals-Driven Stock Research Analysis

With this article we are going to examine Air Products & Chemicals Inc (APD) through the lens of FAST Graphs™ – fundamentals analyzer software tool.  Based on the fundamental data, the company appears to be fairly valued and offers a considerably above-average and growing divided yield. Earnings Determine Market Price:  The following earnings and price Read more about Air Products & Chemicals Inc: Fundamentals-Driven Stock Research Analysis[…]