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Interest Rates and Stock Values Truth Be Told


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Introduction The idea that interest rates directly affect stock prices is a commonly held belief among many investors.  There are some that even go as far as to say that the only reason the stock market is up is because interest rates have been artificially kept low by the Fed.  With this article, I’m going […]

The Right Way to Value Growth Stocks: Part 3


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 Introduction In part 2 of this series I focused on how to value slow and moderately growing businesses. In this article, Part 3, I will shift my focus on how to value faster growing companies (growth stocks).  My definition of a fast grower (growth stock) is one that has consistently compounded earnings at 15% per annum or […]

Why We Sold Walmart-It’s Not Why You Think


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Introduction Walmart’s stock price took a bath early last week, and there are a lot of opinions regarding where the stock price now sits.  The catalyst was their 4th quarter and fiscal year-end 2018 annual report (note: Walmart has a January 31 fiscal year end).  The following headlines courtesy of “Google Finance” illustrate the variance […]

Has Amazon (Jeff Bezos) Taught This Old Value Dog a New Trick?


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Introduction There is the old adage: “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”  Well, I have been a “card-carrying” and fully committed value investor for more than 45 years now.  I think that qualifies me as an “old” value investing dog.  But more to the point, I have been consistently following and practicing the […]

Demystifying the Amazon Valuation Dilemma


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Introduction Amazon: the Valuation Dark Side It is no secret that Amazon (AMZN) has been a disruptive force, especially relating to the retail sector.  On the other hand, the company is also an enigma to the value focused fundamental investor such as yours truly.  Over its entire operating history as a publicly traded company, Amazon […]

How to use F.A.S.T. Graphs™ to value high-growth stocks such as Amazon or Google (Alphabet)?


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I recently received a question in the MisterValuation forum asking for an article on Google (GOOGL) and Amazon (AMZN).  The subscriber indicated they were having a hard time utilizing F.A.S.T. Graphs™, especially with Google, to figure its valuation. I felt this was a reasonable request because it afforded me the opportunity to provide insights on […]

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