Invest in AmerisourceBergen for its Growth and Valuation – Speculate in a Potential Takeover

Introduction This is the first in a continuing series where I identify and present dividend growth stocks for an above-average long-term total return objective.  Throughout this series I will be illustrating that there are several prudent sources of long-term return and there is also luck or chance.  Personally, I suggest that investors strive to build Read more about Invest in AmerisourceBergen for its Growth and Valuation – Speculate in a Potential Takeover[…]

Is There Real Value in These 7 Distribution Services Companies? Part 6

Introduction As I stated in previous articles in this series, my primary objective is to provide the reader with a clear perspective of just how different individual stocks are and how different companies operating in different sectors are. Consequently, I will be covering every sector that FactSet covers. As different as each of these sectors Read more about Is There Real Value in These 7 Distribution Services Companies? Part 6[…]

The Most Important Stock Investment Lesson I Ever Learned

Introduction My investing career officially started in 1970.  However, for several years prior to that time I was an avid and interested student of common stock investing.  My initial lessons were taught by studying the behavior and practices of the most renowned stock investors.  Although these academic pursuits taught me a great deal, nothing taught Read more about The Most Important Stock Investment Lesson I Ever Learned[…]

Finding Value In The S&P 500: 9 Healthcare Dividend Growth Stocks: Part 1


Most everyone would agree that the stock market as measured by the S&P 500 is not cheap today.  However, there might be a great deal of disagreement regarding precisely how overvalued the S&P 500 currently is.  Nevertheless, I would agree that in the general sense, stocks are not exactly bargains today.  This might especially be true regarding best-of-breed blue-chip dividend growth stocks.  Low interest rates have enhanced the attraction for high-quality dividend paying stocks.


These Are The Only Dividend Champions And Contenders That Appear Attractively Valued


As the stock market continues its relentless advance, attractive valuations are getting harder and harder to find.  This is especially true for the highest quality blue-chip dividend growth stocks.  Perhaps more importantly, in addition to the market’s relentless advance, there has also been a clear flight to quality – especially with dividend growth stocks.  Therefore, the vast majority of the best-of-breed blue-chip dividend paying stocks are currently trading at elevated levels.  In other words, finding high quality and value is very rare today in the dividend growth segment.


Beware the Financial Destruction of Overvaluation


After such an extended bull run it’s only logical to assume that many stocks are trading at frothy valuations.  On the other hand, it’s also important to keep in mind that it is a market of stocks and not a stock market.  Nevertheless, the truth is that many stocks are now significantly overvalued based on both historic norms and fundamental values.  This is not true of all stocks, because it is also true that there are high quality stocks available today that are fairly valued.  However, they are admittedly getting more difficult to find.


For A Healthier Portfolio – Look Here

The Health Care sector is comprised of many diverse companies, as can be seen from the list of subsectors provided below.  Historically the Health Care sector has been comprised of a significant number of companies with above-average growth rates of earnings.  Consequently, a majority of the companies comprising the Health Care sector could be thought Read more about For A Healthier Portfolio – Look Here[…]

The Essence of Valuation is Soundness Not Rate of Return

Introduction on Stock Valuation When it comes to writing about investing in common stocks, my favorite theme typically revolves around valuation.  In fact, I once had a reader dub me “Mr. Valuation.”  Which, I might add was very flattering to me.  Moreover, in the context of discussing valuation there are normally three concepts that are Read more about The Essence of Valuation is Soundness Not Rate of Return[…]

AmerisourceBergen Corp: Fundamental Stock Research Analysis

Before analyzing a company for investment, it’s important to have a perspective on how well the business has performed.  Because at the end of the day, if you are an investor, you are buying the business.  The FAST Graphs™ presented with this article will focus first on the business behind the stock.  The orange line Read more about AmerisourceBergen Corp: Fundamental Stock Research Analysis[…]

AmerisourceBergen Corp: Stock Research Analysis

With this company appearing currently undervalued, the prudent dividend investor might want to conduct their own due diligence on AmerisourceBergen Corp (ABC) to see if it’s a fit for their portfolio. About AmerisourceBergen Corp:  Directly from their website “AmerisourceBergen is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical services companies serving the United States, Canada and selected Read more about AmerisourceBergen Corp: Stock Research Analysis[…]