Create custom screens narrowing down the entire universe of over 18,000 stocks to find research candidates.

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The FAST Graph screener empowers subscribers to find exactly the kinds of common stocks they are interested in investing in.  You can easily and quickly screen based on sectors, credit ratings, current valuations (P/E ratios), dividend yields and numerous other metrics to include historical earnings growth and dividend growth rates etc.

Once you’ve created your preferred screen, you can save it for further use and/or you can load the results into a portfolio that allows you to organize and manipulate the data.  The screening options can be very simple such as a quick screen of a sector or a credit rating such as A rated or better, or they can be as complex as you desire.


The Screener helps Premium Subscribers find research candidates from the entire FAST Graphs universe of over 18,000 stocks. When you find the type of companies you are looking for, you can easily import them into custom portfolios.

Screen the Entire Universe

The Screener gives you access to screen through the entire universe of over 18,000 different companies. This way you can narrow down to exactly what type of companies you want to see.

Vast Amount of Options

Create screens utilizing 99 different options ranging from historical data to estimate data. From the Screener, you’ll be able to open each stock directly in a FAST Graph.

Export Screens to Portfolios

When you’ve found a compelling screen you like, you can export those stocks directly into a portfolio to review later.

This is a Premium Only Product

Historical Data Screens
Current Data Screens
Estimate Data Screens
Save Unlimited Screens
Upload Screens to Portfolios

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Common Questions

Below we’ve provided answers to a few of the most common questions for the Screener

It’s ultimately dependent upon the goals, objectives and risk tolerances of each unique individual investor on which metrics to screen for. FAST Graphs is not catered to any specific fundamental investor, so you can choose what you want to look for.

One of the easiest ways is to screen for companies using the Earnings Yield option. Using an Earnings Yield of 7% or higher will generally ensure that the stock price is below the orange line, but keep in mind that screening for Earnings Yield alone will not provide only quality companies.

Yes, you can search for high P/E stocks and it will create a list for you of the criteria you input. You can also screen for companies with Earnings Yields less than 6%.

Unlock data on thousands of companies

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