Build 2.1.1 Patch notes – June 4, 2019


Welcome to build 2.1.1 of Fast Graphs! There are number of updates that we hope you will like. The following issues were fixed in this release:

FUN Graphs

  • Quarterly graph bug fixes

Fast Graphs

Historical Graph

  • Dividends button below the graph now works properly to add and remove the series from the graph
  • Average cost now displays properly when using portfolios, and uses FIFO to calculate average cost

Forecasting Graph

  • The Normal Multiple Calculator now displays no data properly if there is no normal PE for the company. If there is no Normal Multiple for the company, the Normal Multiple Calculator will now display the following error message: “No Normal Multiple available, please use estimates.”

Transactions Tab

  • Now has a new section in addition to Buys and Sells labeled Holding. Holding displays the quantity of shares left based on the difference of Buys and Sells you have input (Quantity Bought – Quantity Sold).
    • The Market Value column is the previous day’s closing price multiplied by the quantity.
    • Dollars At Risk column shows how much of your original investment is “at risk”. This column can actually show a negative if you have higher realized gains than your original investment and is calculated from the difference of your Total Cost and Total Proceeds (Total Cost – Total Proceeds).
  • There is now a direct link to the selected portfolio’s Buy/Sells sheet from the Transactions Tab


  • Bug fixes on the Portfolio Graph and Portfolio review sections to populate Fast Graphs correctly
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