Build 2.0.6 Patch notes – May 6, 2019


Welcome to build 2.0.6 of Fast Graphs. There are number of updates that we hope you will like. The following issues were fixed in this release:

The Slider at the bottom of the Historical Graph is now fixed with the following updates:

  • Slider now updates FAST FACTS correctly
  • Slider now updates the Orange Boxes to accurately show how many years you have selected
  • Slider now snaps to Fiscal Years when scrolling
  • Orange Boxes now cause slider to expand historically first, and then add future years
  • For example, if you are looking at a 10-year graph and want to change to a 12-year graph, the slider would expand historically first. If there is not enough historical data, the slider would then expand to future years until the time frame is met.

Save Timeframe:

  • Added “Additional Settings>Save Timeframe” that allows you to save the last timeframe you have selected when switching from stock to stock.
  • If you select a stock that does not have as much data as the previous (i.e. selecting 2002-2005 on JNJ and switching to FB which only has data starting from 2012), the new shorter stock will be shown as an ALL graph. In this case the timeframe from the previous stock will be saved and when you navigate to another 20year stock, the saved timeframe will be applied once again (i.e. it will show a 2002-2005 timeframe).

Login Redirect:

  • When you login, you are now taken directly into the application and do not need to navigate to Fast Graphs
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