Review and customize portfolios based on large sets of historical and forecasted fundamentals

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Premium subscribers can utilize the 15 preloaded portfolios to screen for valuation across virtually the entire US and Canadian stock research universe.  Both Premium and Basic subscribers can utilize portfolios to easily and effectively manage their personal stock portfolios.

Portfolios are a dynamic resource that quickly organize and sort important variables such as P/E ratios highest to lowest, earnings yield highest to lowest etc.


Portfolios let you create custom reviews of each portfolio so you can look at the metrics you find important. You can also plot buys and sells in your portfolios that plot onto your FAST Graphs. Premium Subscribers can create unlimited portfolios, and have access to 15 pre-loaded portfolios.

15 Pre-loaded Portfolios

Premium subscribers are automatically provided instant access to 15 important preloaded indexes and portfolios, to include the S&P Dividend Aristocrats, the entire S&P 500, the 30 Dow Jones Industrials, the Fortune 500, the NASDAQ 100, all major REITs (US and Canada), David Fish’s CCC Lists, the S&P 400 mid-cap, the S&P 600 small-cap and a listing of over 1500 ADRs.

Buys and Sells

Apply buy or sell dots on each company so that you can keep track of the transactions in your portfolios. These dots are then displayed on the Historical Graph so you can see the valuation of your buys and sells.

Portfolio Review

Customize and organize your portfolios based on more than 30 historical inputs, and on more than 40 future inputs, and organize and save them in any order you prefer for efficient analysis and review.

Apply Buys and Sells to Individual Stocks
Portfolio Review
15 Pre-loaded Portfolios
Number of Custom Portfolios
Up to 3

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