In FUN Graphs – I like to look at certain metrics, is there a way to save my preferences so I don’t have to make the change each time?


Yes, FAST Graphs has a “Save My View” button.

Due to the complexity of all the metrics provided on FUN Graphs, we have designed the “Save My View” button to save subscriber preferences on each of the four major graphing options.  However, if the subscriber changes the metrics they are viewing, the new view must be saved each time.  On the other hand, once you have settled on specific metrics, the “Save My View” will keep those metrics for every company you look at in the future.  The trick is to remember to save your view if you do change it for future reference.


Moreover, the “Save My View” option will not save specific timeframes you are reviewing.  Since timeframes can be accessed virtually instantly, we felt it was not necessary to save those.  What we would respectfully ask you to consider is that every time you add complexity to the program, you simultaneously create the opportunity for something to go wrong.  Therefore, FAST Graphs is always striving to keep our programs as simple as possible while at the same time maintaining full functionality.


Here is where the “Save My View” button is located in the FUN Graphs section-on the right-hand side of the page next to the “External Links” drop-down (see screenshot):

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