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FUN Graphs

Dive deep into company financial statements and enhance your fundamental research even further

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FUN is an acronym for Financial Underlying Numbers. FUN Graphs are designed to empower Premium Subscribers the capability to quickly and efficiently engage in a comprehensive and deep dive into each company’s historical fundamental results. 

There are 4 separate but comprehensive and powerful FUN graphing options available to Premium Subscribers.  Each of these graphing options provides historical data going back approximately 20 years (if available) to include a quarterly data option for the past 8 quarters.

FUN Graphs

FUN Graphs are designed to empower Premium Subscribers the capability to quickly and efficiently engage in a comprehensive and deep dive into each company’s historical fundamental results.

Per Share Graph

Empowers premium subscribers to F.A.S.T. Graphs™ the capacity to review a company’s balance sheet, cash flow statement or income statements on a per-share basis annually.

Ratios Graph

Provides up to 20 years of key liquidity ratio data such as the current ratio, quick ratio and long-term debt to capital and equity. Premium subscribers are also provided numerous valuation ratios to include price to book value, price to cash flow and several others. The ability to compare historical ratios to current ratios allows you to evaluate whether these important metrics are improving or weakening.

Percentage Graph

Provides important metrics such as gross and net profit margin, return on assets, equity, and capital. These are important metrics to evaluate how efficiently the business is being managed and/or has operated over time, and quickly determine if these important metrics are improving or weakening.

In Millions Graph

Provides the same balance sheet, cash flow statement and income statement data but it is reported in millions of dollars instead of on a per-share basis. Although this graph covers essentially the same financial data as the “Per Share Graphs” it includes the additional metric of common shares outstanding. This allows premium subscribers to evaluate the effects of a company share buyback history.

FUN Graphs is a Premium Membership Product

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Percentage Graph
In Millions Graph
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Up to 8 Years of Quarterly Financial Statement Data
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Commonly Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided answers to a few of the most common questions

FUN Graphs has four primary graphs with yearly or quarterly data that are a great way for the subscriber to look deeper into the company by analyzing their balance sheet, cash flow statements, income statements, etc., once you’ve decided by looking at the regular FAST Graphs that you think the company is worth taking a deeper look at. It’s simply additional information that allows you to look further under the hood for any company you are considering.

FUN Graphs is only available with the premium membership.

Yes! FUN Graphs shows up to the 8 most recent quarters.

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