Dividend yield on LAZ is shown as 5.7% in Fast Graphs-why is it so high?

FAST Graphs receives all of our data from S&P Capital IQ.  This includes the dividend yield which we pulled directly from S&P Capital IQ.  The following screenshot shows the section where we pull dividend yield on LAZ.  As you can see, they are reporting the dividend yield of 5.7%, which is what we are showing on FAST Graphs.

The issue specifically with LAZ is that the company has paid an additional special dividend since 2012.  The 5.7% yield that is showing on the FAST Graph includes that special dividend in the calculation.  The following slide from their most recent presentation illustrates regular dividends and special (Extra Cash Dividend) dividends that the company has paid since 2012.

Here is a link to LAZ’s Dividend History found under their “Investor Relations” tab from their website:


We hope this helps clarify things for you.

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