Comprehensive Research and Due Diligence Is a Process, Here Is Mine


One of the subscribers and regular viewers of my FAST Graphs YouTube channel made the following request:

“Thank you for another excellent video. You always release such good, valuable content. I always hear you say that your videos serve to highlight some companies, and that if we find them interesting, we should then proceed with our own due diligence. But I don’t really know how one does due diligence. May I suggest that once you complete your sector series, another important video would be to help us understand more about how to do due diligence for both growth and income stocks. Valuation and projected forward earnings is part of it, as I have learned on your channel. You imply that there is a lot more to it. Can you help us learn due diligence? Thank you for considering this.”

I felt this was an important and relevant request.  Therefore, I offer the following video where I highlight my personal research and due diligence process.  To be clear, for brevity’s sake I will simply be illustrating the process I personally utilize.